Holy Grass Vodka Family

Found on the banks of Thurso River, Holy Grass gives this Vodka a wonderful, unique taste.

Delicate and fresh vodka with a creamy smooth finish.

A celebration of local produce and ingredients, the spirit is also infused with a carefully crafted vapour of Highland apples and apple juice, to complement the sweetness of the Holy Grass.

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Great Taste Award 1 StarIWSC Bronze Packaging Award 2016IWSC Silver Gin AwardHoly Grass Vodka 5 Star Diffords GuideScottish Food and Drink Excellence Award 2016Gold Grocer Drink Award - Vodka


Holy Grass BotanicalHoly Grass

The unusual botanical Holy Grass (or Anthoxanthum nitens) was once discovered on the banks of the nearby Thurso River by Robert Dick, a legendary botanist. It was once used for basket weaving and also on church floors to give a sweet, vanilla smell when walked over

Highland Apple

Highland Apples

We use apples and apple juice from Highland apples to complement the Holy Grass taste.  These are combined and used in vapour infusion to create our unique taste.

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