Rock Rose Reserve Bordeaux Red Cask Edition

Note of cherry, dark chocolate and oak

We sourced a red wine cask from Bordeaux in which to age our Rock Rose Gin Original Edition. This has been maturing nicely for nearly a year taking on the delicious flavours and beautiful hues of a full-bodied red! Resulting in a fabulously flavoursome gin with undertones of dark chocolate.

The cask brings a candy sweetness on the palate with delightful hints of cherry. On the finish, it is full of delicious berries with a delicate oak profile.

46 Alc Vol. - 700ml


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Serve with Maraschino cherry and a slice of lime or try as a Bramble!

Rock Rose Reserve Bordeaux Red Cask Edition


  1. Karen Gillespie (verified owner)

    Finally cracked open this bottle! Took it to a recent festival and shared it with friends. Drank it neat over ice and accompanied it with a few punnets of and dark chocolate. Sipped it whilst basking in the sun and everyone agreed it was most enjoyable. Very sophisticated at my tent

  2. Michael Wilson (verified owner)

    This has got to be one of the most uniquely tasting gins you will ever have the pleasure to taste,you can really taste the red wine coming through in what was already one of the best gins on the market,tried to buy another bottle as soon as we tasted it but sold out,really hope you produce another batch soon.

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