Happy 1st Birthday Rock Rose Gin!

Happy 1st Birthday Rock Rose Gin!

A whole year has passed since we launched our Rock Rose Gin for the very first time!

This time last year we were experiencing one of the craziest weeks as we fought with labeling machinery, counted and re-counted orders and bottles, held a launch party, celebrated our son’s birthday, waved him off for his first day in primary one and our daughter to playgroup for the first time, were filmed for STV news, thought the delivery man had stolen our gin…it was endless!

Finally, on Thursday 21st August 2014, we launched our gin and it was absolutely worth it!

And it hasn’t stopped !

We frequently have very strange and crazy weeks but we love it, every minute of it!!

Martin and Claire with Elizabeth the Still Here we are fresh faced with our shiny brand new still…

Dunnet Bay Distillers Martin and Claire …and then one year one slightly less fresh faced but still with a very shiny still!


Quite a year…!

Our one wee year as distillers has been a very memorable one, with so many events and experiences to recall. One of my all time favourite moments is sitting in Balgove Larder, table sharing, and overhearing the very lovely waitress recommend Rock Rose Gin, as a fabulous gin from Caithness, to the couple on our table! It was quite a surreal moment and we had to pipe up ’emmm, actually we make that’!!

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many interesting people along the way and being involved in things that we would never have though possible.

Aside from all the lovely emails and messages from people telling us how much they enjoy Rock Rose gin we have also had commendations from experts too!

This year winning….

Rock Rose Gin San Francisco Worlds Spirit Competition 2015

Rock Rose Gin Great Taste 2015

Amazingly, to top it all off, we enjoyed a visit from His Royal Highness Prince Charles Duke of Rothesay! He sampled a wee dram and was impressed with the local produce made using our gin. We had Caithness Summer Fruit‘s marmalade, Angela’s tablet, chocolates from Caithness Chocolate, Cups Tearoom‘s cupcakes, and biltong from Big Beefy!

Dunnet Bay Distillers Prince Charles Duke of Rothesay

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