Rock Rose Gin

Flavourful and fresh, zesty yet berryful with a long smooth finish.

Rock Rose gin gets its wonderful flavour from a carefully selected and put together creation of local and traditional botanicals. Each one meticulously chosen for their flavour properties to create the perfect taste.


San Fransisco World Spirits Competition Bronze MedalTop Award at Great Taste Awards 2015Scotland Food And Drink Excellence AwardsBest Product Award Runner UpThe Spirits Business Silver Medal
IWSC Silver Packaging AwardIWSC Silver Gin & Tonic AwardIWSC Silver Gin AwardRock Rose Gin 5 Star Diffords GuideGold Grocer Drink Award - Gin

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Rock Rose is one of the finest Gins I have had the privilege of tasting, easily challenging the more established marques. Definitely worthy of the awards and recognition it has already received. Thank you for the experience…

Keith Byrom

Bottle Jumpers

Dress your bottle of Rock Rose gin appropriately for the season!

A mini knitted Christmas jumper specially designed to dress bottles of Rock Rose gin. Ideal for gifting! Use the code christmasjumper to save £2 when purchasing with a bottle of Rock Rose Gin original edition.

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Clootie Dumpling Gin – Creative Collection Series

A traditional junipery gin with notes of raisin, treacle and light spice

Contemporary artist Lindsey Gallacher created this unique artwork on a scratchboard layered with china clay and coated with India ink. The image, which shows a Caithness “wifey” making clootie dumpling in her kitchen, was then meticulously etched out using fine points and scalpels.

Clootie Dumpling gin is made in Elizabeth, our vapour infusion still to extract the botanical flavours and create a delicious gin inspired by a traditional Scottish pudding. Actual clootie dumplings, made by Claire’s mam, are placed in the vapour basket along with juniper, raisins and the additional spices of nutmeg and allspice.

41.5% Alc. Vol. – 500ml

Now Sold Out - Available from retailers from the 4th December

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This limited edition is the first in our Creative Collection Series – each one with a uniquely designed label featuring works commissioned from artists based in the Scottish Highlands.

Claire Murray

Rock Rose Gin – Winter Edition

A juniper led earthy gin with fragrant pine notes.

Our hero botanical in the Winter Edition is spruce tips which Hanna, our gardener, collected basketfuls of in December last year. The Winter Edition has been created with thoughts of bracing walks, roaring fires and dark nights in mind. The original Rock Rose elements have been scaled down to allow the delightful earthy and slightly citrusy notes from the spruce tips to shine through.

41.5% Alc. Vol. – 700ml

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A very junipery gin!

Claire Murray

Rock Rose Gin Coupe Style Glass

A beautiful, subtly branded, coupe-style glass to enjoy a Rock Rose gin in style! Claire’s perfect glass!

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Holy Grass Vodka

Delicate and fresh with a creamy smooth finish.

Found on the banks of Thurso River, Holy Grass gives this Vodka a wonderful, unique taste.  Holy Grass (old name hierochloe borealis/ordorata new name Anthoxanthum nitens) was used for basket weaving and was used on church floors to give a sweet, vanilla smell when walked over.


Great Taste Award 1 StarScottish Food and Drink Award 2016 Diffords Guide 5*+ Award Holy Grass VodkaIWSC Bronze Packaging Award 2016IWSC Silver Vodka Award 2016Gold Grocer Drink Award - Vodka

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Brave and distinctive. This vodka from the freezer will surprise you!

Martin Murray

Holy Grass Vodka Glasses – Small / Large

A traditional tumbler and hi-ball style glass to enjoy a Holy Grass Vodka!

Beautifully decorated with etched grass to represent the Holy Grass botanical. A blue serpent curls around the bottom of the glass to be seen whilst enjoying a sip!


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Rock Rose Gin – Navy Strength

Very Smooth for a 57% drink.

The higher ABV version of Rock Rose gives a strong warm pine release at the front of the drink with notes of lemon sherbert.  The middle feel of the drink – very bold berries from the blaeberries, rowan and hawthorn.  These give way to the deeper earthier notes that are hidden in the original Rock Rose, such as angelica and orris.


Rock Rose Gin Navy Strength 5 Star Diffords Guide

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My gin to savour in the winter months. The juniper takes me back to summer walks in Dunnet forest. Excels in a negroni.

Martin Murray

Rock Rose Gin Autumn Edition – 2018

A warm gin bursting with berries and light spice.

Our Autumn Edition has been distilled using lots of locally grown botanicals as well as our traditional Rock Rose botanicals. It is bursting with blackberries and raspberries from Caithness Summer Fruits and blaeberries from the Dunnet area. Grown in our very own geodome, Vietnamese coriander and nasturtium flowers add to the spice of the gin.

41.5% Alc. Vol. – 700ml

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A sprig of basil complements the blueberries or to bring out the spice try with a nasturtium flower!

Martin Murray


Rock Rose Gin Summer Edition

Distilled using ingredients from our gardens and rockery to give a different, seasonal taste to Rock Rose Gin.

The challenge, set last year, was to make a citrus style gin using botanicals growing in the distillery gardens and with no peels! Lots of discussions and research took place with Hanna, our gardener, and she planted, harvested and dried the botanicals that have gone into our Summer Edition.

The botanicals include lemon balm, clover, lemon thyme, pineapple sage, meadowsweet and elderflower!

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A citrusy summer gin with light herbal notes.

Claire Murray

Rock Rose Gin Spring Edition – 2018

Hand-crafted in the far North of Scotland, our Spring Edition is distilled using ingredients forage from the local area to give a different taste to Rock Rose Gin.

We use the following botanicals to help give a cool, fresh taste. Just like a spring day in Caithness!  Gorse Flowers: Bringing a gorgeous coconut like aroma to the distillation. Dandelion: Lovely earthy, liquorice flavours come to the fore and help balance out the sweetness. Coltsfoot: Once used in confectionary. Coltsfoot from the distillery gardens help provide more sweetness to the gin.

We also increase the cardamom and water mint to help balance these ingredients and bring a freshness.

Signature Serve:
25 ml of Spring Edition Gin, 50 ml of a premium tonic. Garnish with some fresh coriander and gorse flowers!

41.5% Alc. Vol. – 700ml

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Cool and fresh, like a Caithness spring day!

Martin Murray

Seasonal Editions Gift Pack

A wonderful taste of our Seasonal Editions – try Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

Each season is captured beautifully in this gift pack! Experience the crisp, fresh taste of Spring; the refreshing Summer; the spice and berries of Autumn and to finish off the year the fabulous warm pine and juniper notes from Winter

Set contains 1 x 5cl each of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

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A fab wee trio of our Rock Rose Gin, Holy Grass Vodka and Navy Strength

Try each of our three spirits in wee miniature form. The perfect way to sample our spirits or a wonderful gift to give from the far north of Scotland.

Set contains 1 x 5cl Rock Rose Gin, 1 x 5cl Holy Grass Vodka, 1 x 5cl Navy Strength

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Gin and Bear It

A must for any Rock Rose Gin lover

Bringing together a heady cocktail of timeless recipes and quips from the world’s wisest and wittiest gin lovers, this wee book celebrates the glory of Rock Rose Gin, in perfect pocket sized format.

134 x 101mm.

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Gin & Tonic Jellies

By Tipsy Unicorn Sweets

Delicious alcoholic jellies lovingly made by hand using our Rock Rose Gin, tonic and some unicorn magic!

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by Coast Candles

We are delighted to be working in partnership with local candle making company, Coast Candle Co.

Together, we have designed and created a unique and luxurious scented candle, inspired by the wonderful fragrance that comes from distilling days.

This candle has been made to share with you the wonderful aroma of our wee distillery.


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Fragrance of verbena and juniper with fresh sherbet notes – for all to enjoy!

Martin Murray, Distiller

Soap Dispensers

A fantastic way to re-use and upcycle your old Rock Rose gin bottle?

Turn it into a soap dispenser for your bathroom!

So easy, all you have to do is cut the tube to length, fill your empty bottle with soap, pop in the dispenser head and voila!  Check out our blog post outlining how to upcycle your rock rose gin bottle into a soap dispenser.

Graduation Cap

The perfect adornment to a bottle of Rock Rose Gin or Holy Grass Vodka for graduation celebrations!!

The miniature graduation cap is specially designed to fit on one of our bottles.

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Rock Rose Scottish Sloe Gin

A rich and fruity sloe gin, with a smooth, warming finish.

Our beautiful Autumn Edition Gin, a warm spirit packed with locally grown botanicals, berries and spices, is used as the perfect base for our sloe gin. We collect local elderberries and blaeberries, and use the best sloe berries we can find to make the perfect liqueur. Sweetened with muscovado sugar, the result is a thick, dark sloe gin which is jammy and tart, yet smooth and rich.

29% Alc. Vol. – 500ml


Perfect for enjoying around the first frosts of autumn and into the depths of winter.

Claire Murray