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Rock Rose Gin 70cl

Rock Rose Gin 70cl


Rock Rose gin gets its wonderful flavour from a carefully selected and put together creation of local and traditional botanicals. Each one meticulously chosen for their flavour properties to create the perfect taste.
Scotland Food And Drink Excellence Awards

Best Product Award Runner UpSan Fransisco World Spirits Competition Bronze MedalTop Award at Great Taste Awards 2015



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  1. This gin has the absolute wow factor. I ordered two bottles at Christmas 2014 while visiting rellies in UK. We wanted one to bring back with us to Australia and the other was a pressie for a friend in UK. However, we just don’t seem to be able to part with that second bottle and it is sitting in my Mum’s house, waiting for our return visit at Christmas 2015! Lucky us, we can enjoy this wonderful gin across two continents!! Not only do we love the gin but we also love the labelling. Everything about it is just fab!!

  2. I bought a bottle of rock rose gin whilst on holiday.And its lovely my husband and I both love it and will definitely be ordering another bottle once our bottle is empty. We would definitely recommend this gin and it is a lovely bottle too.yours truly pat & Brian rouse.

  3. I was fortunate enough to meet Martin and Claire while supporting a friend on his run from John O’Groats to Land’s End. I was also lucky enough to get an unplanned tour of a ‘not quite finished’ but still impressive distillery, hosted by Martin.

    Rock Rose is one of the finest Gin’s I have had the privilege of tasting, easily challenging the more established marques. Definitely worthy of the awards and recognition it has already received.

    Thank you for the experience…

  4. Great Gin to have….drank whole bottle myself whilst thinking of heathers and deers! Sublime when alone looking through the window seeing dreary England as was wishing to be in far north at this time of the yearning heathers bloom….

  5. As always however – good things come to those who wait… Rock Rose Gin – To create Rock Rose Gin, the couple use 18 botanicals, of which 5 are grown locally.

  6. Located right in the north-east tip of the Scottish mainland, Rock Rose uses local botanicals such as sea buckthorn, rose root and rowanberries to add delicate fruity, floral notes to its gin.

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