Refill Rewards Club


It’s easy…simply choose your flavour, choose your frequency and sign up!

Don’t forget you can switch pouches as many times as you like, why not try our Guest pouch Strawberry Lemonade? Available only in the June, July, Aug boxes.

£33 per box

+ up to  205  LOYALTY POINTS

41.5% Alc Vol. 700ml – Per pouch

Refill Rewards Club


Line-up of a selection of 11 refill pouches with different flavour

We have our full Seasonal Range, Smoked Orange, Navy Strength & Pink Grapefruit Old Tom and Holy Grass Vodka available as refill packs!

Or why not try our Guest pouch Strawberry Lemonade?

Strawberry Lemonade Guest Pouch with red and yellow water colour style illustration in the background
to make the switch!

We're really excited for you to Join our Refill Rewards Club.  All we ask is that you remember to pop your empty refill pouch into your nearest postbox.  No stamp or envelope required.

Refill Rewards Club


  1. I decided to just go with the standard gin this time, but I think I will experiment next time… the options are really intriguing.
    The little pack of goodies is fun and has introduced me to some weird and wonderful ingredients – rosemary and black olive tonic water was a revelation!

    Rona Moody

  2. I got my first Rock Rose gin box last week and I’m so pleased with it. The gin is obviously fantastic, 2 great tonics, snacks and all in beautiful, sustainable packaging. Much better than other gin boxes I’ve had with no unwanted rubbish, just high quality products. I love it!

    Alison Malcolm

  3. The refill pouches are an absolutely fabulous idea. The weight is kept down for posting out to the customer and even better we can recycle the pouches once we have topped up our existing bottles. The free treats are delicious too and a delight to look forward to guessing what the treats will be. Well done to all at Dunnet Bay.

    Barbara Helen Stubbs

  4. Delicious gin delivered to your home fuss free.
    It is a treat to discover new flavours my personal favourite is the coastal edition but this has been usurped by spring edition & my subscription is so easy to manage.
    Thank you Claire & Martin.


  5. We always look forward to receiving our package from Dunnet Bay. Excellent gin and it’s a delight to find our lovely treats inside every delivery. Customer service is great, delivery always on time and very good eco friendly packaging.
    Thank you Martin and Claire.

    Robert Crump

  6. Delicious Gin plus treats. Love that the packaging is recyclable. Looking forward to next months box


  7. Second shipment and enjoying opening it to see what surprises there are. A nice mix of snacks and mixers. Looking forward to the next one


  8. Always enjoy receiving our subscription package, enjoyable snacks as well as interesting mixers accompany the main event. Delighted at the recycling cycle of the gin receptacle

    David Cleugh

  9. If you’re reading this you probably already know that the drinks produced by Dunnet Bay Distillers are all delicious. I’ve been a bi-monthly subscriber for nearly a year and it’s always a nice surprise when I get my email that my gin is on it’s way (it’s something to look forward to, especially over the winter months). I love that I can try different flavours by just amending my subscription whenever I want, it’s so easy! It’s our son-in-laws birthday this month and he’s a rum drinker so the Mapmakers Rum was a must. My husband is also a rum drinker and they both said it was one of their new favourites. I tried it and it’s lovely and smooth, could be enjoyed with a splash of coke or on it’s own over ice.

    Tricia Adie

  10. I have only had 2 deliveries so far but really look forward to the arrival of my box of goodies. The gin is excellent and the treats are just that – a treat!! Great products.

    Sarah Hunter

  11. Absolutely gorgeous gin and styling. I love being a member!

    Rachel Welch

  12. I had to change my monthly subscription from Old Tom pink grapefruit as I am now on medication which reacts badly with grapefruit. So I changed to a two-monthly subscription of Navy Strength; the process was extremely easy and I am enjoying the Navy Strength gin very much – lasts longer because of its higher strength. Every two months suits me fine, as I also cannot make use of the grapefruit garnish. Also I don’t really enjoy some of the treats.

    Margaret Fraser

  13. Fantastic value for money, as always.

    Elaine Marshman

  14. it was very easy to order my Rock Rose Gin, I have the refill set up for the Holy Grass Vodka and now I have the Gin set up for quarterly delivery too. Thank you Dunnet Bay, the refill pouches are perfect and so easy to send back to you for recycling. This is certainly the way forward, oh, and I love the extra treats too!

    Barbara Helen Stubbs

  15. Loving the Refill Rewards Club, including the flexibility to change frequency (e.g. 1 month, 2 months, 3 months) and the exciting extras inside, some of which change every month! I’m a particular fan of the Winter Cucurbita winter guest pouch – please can this become a regular, I’ll totally miss it after February…..

    Alexandra W

  16. Seemed too good to be true – but it’s better than that! No fuss, no worry, just a box every two months! We know that there will be ridiculously tasty vodka, but there are also the wee surprises to look forward to! Very adjustable and very adaptable – there is literally a subscription to suit everyone. Very pleased we got involved!

    Alastair Kidd

  17. Just received my first delivery of your excellent gin. The special treats also included were delicious, especially the popcorn which is something I never would have bought.

    Sarah Hunter

  18. Always excited to receive the package and see what goodies are included each time. Of course the star of the show is always the superb Rock Rose gin .without doubt the best gin ever.No wonder recipient of so many awards.


  19. I’ve been a member of the Refill Rewards Club for a while now, and I think that it’s the best value gin subscription available.

    The mixers and little treats are a nice surprise, as well as being a nice touch.

    I love the convenience of being able to switch gins and being able to pause the subscription. I also like being able to recycle the pouch after each use, rather than it ending up in landfill!

    Perks like having early access to limited edition gin is a nice bonus too.

    Jo Hayes

  20. I’ve been a member of the refill club for quite a while now and I absolutely love it. I get early access to limited edition gin and I’m doing my bit for the planet when I order refills for my bottles. It doesn’t even cost me anything to send the empty pouches back, which is great. I enjoy being able to switch which refill I get each time, which is great because I drink each flavour at a different rate, depending on my mood.

    Emma Jones

  21. Received my first refill Rewards box which was very exciting, loved the box it came in and the contents inside were amazing, looking forward to my next box whilst enjoying the gin from my first box.

    Pauline Allison

  22. I loved the box and all the items inside it, the Winter Cucurbita gin has a lovely flavour to it, the snacks were a welcome change to our normal and two cans of ready mixed gins went in the picnic basket for a winter picnic by the sea. I love that I can change my gin for my next delivery, and that I know which gin will be arriving, now I can try the full Dunnet Bay collection of gins, my favourite is the Smoked Orange.

    Pauline Allison

  23. We love our monthly gin refill box, not only is the gin super tasty but we love opening the box to find out what goodies are included, usually nice tonics, snacks and sweets (sometimes chocolate!). On top of that, we can send the gin refill pouch back to be reused. And you get a choice of gin each month, with new ones to try throughout the year. Highly recommend.


  24. Received my first refill pouch, after buying a bottle on a visit whilst travelling the NC500. Firstly what a great idea, when the delivery arrived it’s like Christmas come early – with the extra goodies in there. Was so impressed have changed my subscription to monthly – role on the 1st December……

    Sharon Andrews

  25. Great gin and great that you can swap your monthly subscription gin

    Carole Gould

  26. I have just received my second box and it did not disappoint! My gin is delicious and the nibbles were a real treat. I also loved the little pre-mixed tins of gin and tonic. Looking forward to my next one already!

    Diane Matthews

  27. great gin great refill pouches and lovely extras


  28. Great tasting gin arriving with interesting mixers plus , over time, a selection of sweet or savoury snacks. I have discovered new brands, offering delicious nibbles and now look out for them when out and about. I do love the coastal gin, with its essence of waves and the magic of the sea. Best of all, it is delivered straight to my door. Fab.

    Sally Wilkins

  29. Love the gin and love all the extras. Thank you

    Kirsty Mills

  30. Love, love, love.
    Just received my latest 3 monthly delivery. Love the different treats that come also.
    Would highly recommend.

    Jennifer Dawson

  31. I get the 3 monthly subscription – perfect mix of guaranteed gin that i know and love and goodies delivered to my door, yet still enough time in between to try other gins from else where

    Kerry White

  32. So glad we renewed our subscription Fridays are the best with Rock Rose Gin loved the treats too ❤️

    Helen Kirkman

  33. Once again the little extras are wonderful. The lentil waves are very tasty.

    Alison Leatherbarrow

  34. Just about the best gin I have ever tasted ( so far), look forward to it arriving each month.


  35. I love receiving my refill reward … it’s like a Christmas box and there are always lovely surprises inside. This month I enjoy the vegan bbq crisps and a rhubarb and ginger gin fizz!

    Marion Ord

  36. Excellent as always, lovely gin and tasty treats. Thank-you

    J W

  37. I get the Holy grass vodka subscription box, and it’s just amazing! The vodka has a lovely creamy taste and comes in the pouch along with extras, which are a lovely surprise. I love the fact that you can send the pouch back for recycling. I actually then went back online and purchased two bottles that are newly designed as they are so nice to have on display in my drinks cabinet. It’s a great system, and you also get loyalty points when purchasing

    Audrey Galloway

  38. Our subscription box arrived yesterday, the first we had ordered for quite a while & it was as lovely as we remembered.
    Original Rock Rose gin + the treats for this month, trying to decide at the moment which bottle to refill next time.

    Rebecca Pritchard

  39. I had to delay receiving my first box because we were on a family holiday and I didn’t want it to arrive while we were away. I called the distillery who were very helpful (despite the last minute nature of my request) and the delivery was put back. I have now received the box and it’s the perfect antidote to post holiday blues! The blueberry and basil gin is delicious and the mixers great quality. I loved the snacks, particularly the lemon drizzle popcorn, trying to find a local stockist as I write! Looking forward to my next box already!

    Diane Matthews

  40. Dunnet Bay never disappoints but this month’s special of blueberry and basil gin is amazing. The snacks, garnishes and mixers are fabulous as always and the special gin is amazing. Looking forward to the autumn winter special already! Love my gin subscription from Dunnet Bay and their close loop packaging.


  41. The wonderful people from Dunnet Bay Distillers do it again. Blueberry & Basil is an absolute delight and we can only hope there’s another release soon. Can’t wait for the Figleaf & Applemint. Refill pouches well worth the wait and not to mention the excellent snacks and mixers supplied. They can increase their refill price if they have to, I’d still be happy to pay. Great job guys, keep up the good work. 🙂

    Ian Anderson

  42. My second refill box was as exciting as the first – interesting tonics, tempting snacks (not too many cheesy ones) and I love the recyclable gin pouch that you can pop in the post box. Torn between sticking to my favourite flavour and choosing something new next time!

    Alexandra Davey

  43. Both of us have become very keen (too keen?) on the Holy Grass vodka – so the refill promotion was a no-brainer. So little fuss and the goody box duly arrived! Great couple of mixers, wee snacks and you do actually just pop the used pouch back in the mail.Great vodka, great price and environmentally literate! Very pleased and not a little smug!!!!

    Ruth Kidd

  44. We love receiving our bi-monthly box. It’s always fun to see what goodies we have and the refill pouches are not only ingenious but so easy to post back once they are empty.

    sacha coombe

  45. Absolutely love the refill pouches & the treats are delish Cant fault them x

    Patricia Wheatley

  46. The bi monthly box is always a treat. The coastal gin carries the scent and feel of the sea, a tang of the ocean in every sip. Great fun, too, discovering what wee treats have been slipped in to help the gin go down. The tonics are a really good way to try out different makes. Sadly, not all are available locally! It has been fun trying out the new flavours and zi look forward to discovering more

    Sally Wilkins

  47. Great idea for the environment and keeping your fantastic bottles in use.


  48. The refill system is really good. I like the fact it’s so easy to recycle and that you send mixers , treats and garnish as well as gin

    Sheena Gallagher

  49. We think the concept of your refill rewards is an excellent idea and always look forward to our parcel

    Keith andIris Varey

  50. It’s such a wonderful moment when the monthly package arrives. The pouch containing the Original Edition is a great idea, and we hope that it finds its way back to you. The extras in the box are exiting to try – chocolate, olives, popcorn, oatcakes, etc. Thank you Rock Rose for all of these.
    Kim & Elizabeth Elliott, Derbyshire.

    kim elliott

  51. I have been a long term subscriber and look forward to my arrival of Rock Rose Gin and treats. Even the postman now asks ‘what’s in this month’. He also is a great fan of recycling the Gin packaging. I love the sturdy box which I have used to store items or use as a tidy box on my desk. Great service and I don’t mind the extra cost due to the current economic situation, its still at a great price in my view. I love the values behind the Clare and Martin’s business ethos.


  52. Lovely fresh drink & love all the extras it comes with

    Sheena hall

  53. Such lovely gin, and easy ordering. I alway look forward to my monthly delivery


  54. I love the refill rewards club. Such fantastic value for money. Everything from the delicious contents to the recyclable pouches and packaging is amazing. So glad I joined !

    Heather Gallacher

  55. I love the blueberry and basil. It’s so refreshing. And the lemon drizzle popcorn was an interesting combination


  56. I recently tried the new Blueberry and Basil gin and found it deliciously refreshing. The whole range of Dunnet Bay gins are delicious (my own favourite is Pink Grapefruit), but I also love the Smoked Orange and the Citrus edition. I would recommend the whole range and having regular supplies delivered is so easy to switch choices. I also enjoy opening my pack each time to discover what local treat has been included this time! Such good value and so worth having. I am so glad I discovered Dunnet Bay Gins.

    Margaret Howarth

  57. I love the citrus coastal gin and I always look forward to my subscription when it’s due. My favourite of the snack packs are the SHORE seaweed crisps. Delicious!

    Jussi Stader

  58. Well, the Blueberry & Basil gin is a triumph! I love the fruitiness of it, the background hint of basil – and how different it tastes with various tonic flavours (I might have a few!!). The reward club box is inspired – the little gifts that come are always delicious, locally sourced, perfect – and the garnish just makes that first try of the new gin…perfection. I’ve been a member for a few years now, and relish a visit to the distillery whenever we’re up in Thurso – all the flavours are in my cupboard 🙂 Also, excellent value

    Lisa Clark

  59. Fantastic regular gin we were given as a wedding present 8 years ago and interestingly flavoured gins I’ve recently subscribed to! Smoked Orange is very mature and different to anything I’d tasted. Subscription service is so good and it’s nice to get mixers and snacks too! Very easy to change your spirit or the frequency of delivery which I did when I realised how good they were! Waiting for Blueberry Basil in August! Lovely staff to deal with and they can answer any question and sort any request out!! Amazing wee Scottish business!!

    Martin Young

  60. AS usual, excellent communication and superior quality spirit. Offered Summer edition and a few others at recent party- went down a storm.

    Shaun Knott

  61. Bought as a year-through birthday present for my brother. He’s deeply impressed with the gin… So much so that he can’t bring himself to try anything other than the first one on the options list!


  62. I look forward to receiving my refill and the extras you send. The gin is a great taste and well worth the price which includes delivery and free return of the pouch.

    Trevor Mapleston

  63. It’s quite simply the best gin nothing quite like it
    Love the different tasters each month broccoli crisp are a favourite

    Fiona M

  64. Very smooth and tasty vodka, my favourite

    Sandy Hinshelwood

  65. A glass of joy to remind me of our trip to Dunnet Bay pre lockdown!The extra treats are a lovely addition.

    Jennie Helps

  66. Love this Gin and all the little tasty extras. The refil pouch and small mixers are perfect to take away so I always have my favourite gin with me x


  67. So the gin content of this box will be going on its summer holidays to east coast Canada so relatives out there get a taste of home!! What better a treat could you ask for than a summer Rock Rose gin – love it ❤️


  68. This has to be one of my favourite gins and to get it delivered with a few little extra bits for the same price is a winner. Loved the crisps and the chocolate this month.

    Alison Leatherbarrow

  69. Love Rock Rose Gin and being able to change my choice of refill means I’m always in for a pleasant surprise! Such a good idea to come in a pouch you can post back. Who would have thought drinking gin could be supporting the environment!!!

    Maggie Gairdner

  70. so pleased am back subscription. had to stop for a few month due to medication.
    but back on and I love this gin
    so really excited to get my great box with the best gin and lovely treat. thank you rock rose

    Janet Cousins

  71. I wait with anticipation as my regular pouch arrives along with the surprise goodies which is really great extra – to a point that I now purchase some of these directly. Love to be able to post back my pouch. Rock Rose has been my go to Gin for many years and I will not be changing that anytime soon. My local postie always handles my package with care.

    Sue Gibson

  72. Rock Rose gin is my absolute favourite gin! Love receiving my box of goodies and refill pouch every three months and so pleased the gin pouch can be sent back by post and reused again. Have tried several special edition guns which are delicious but still come back to my Rock Rose original gin! Planning a holiday to Scotland just to visit the distillery next year! Have to just mention the office staff are lovely- so helpful when I rang them to query something. Thanks to you all and keep the gin flowing g!!!!

    Dene Mendham

  73. I love this – the gin is amazing and I can refill my fabulous bottle and feel good about helping the environment.

    Carole Hirst

  74. I love having my reward membership – a little treat to myself! All the gins & vodka I’ve had are delicious. I think, so far, my favourite is the summer edition. I’m waiting to see what the blueberry & basil one is like. The extras in the box are always great, locally sourced treats and different mixers/aromatics.

    Lisa Clark

  75. It is always a pleasure to receive my box of goodies. The coastal edition gin has a flavour all of its own, carrying the echoes of spray falling against sea cliffs, tumbling with thrift. It’s great to be able to try out different mixers, too. And some of the nibbles are totally delicious

    Sally Wilkins

  76. After a 15 mile walk the other day followed by a lovely shower to freshen up I decided to partake with my newly received pouch of Smoked Orange gin. The first taste was cold from the two ice cubes in the drink. The second taste was more pleasurable and longer lasting as the zingy taste of the orange hit the top of my mouth followed by the slightly smoked oak taste that goes with the drink, very refreshing.
    Whilst savouring this cool refreshing drink I thought to myself, what a brilliant idea I had to join the Refill Rewards Club, only been a member for a short while, but really appreciating the excellent service. I am looking forward to my next delivery.

    Keith Lowe

  77. I always look forward to receiving my refill rewards goody box. There’s a nice selection of extras to try and the subscription is easy to manage / change. My postman is very interested in the box as well and always comments on delivery!!

    Jayne Ward

  78. Rock Rose is the nicest gin, lovely smooth gin and the flavours are wonderful, loving the spring and smoked orange just now. Very convenient way of getting your gin, subscription is easy to change ie frequency or flavour. Lovely getting something in the post this good.
    Thanks Karen


  79. Just received my refill of Smoked Orange with the rest of the goodies in my sipper subscription box . I have to say for anyone considering a subscription just do it ! It’s so flexible … you can increase frequency , pause it , change your refill spirit so easily … it’s really the most convenient and sustainable way to enjoy so many fabulous gins … even after 3 years I still get excited when the box. Arrives .


  80. Excellent service. Love all the extras. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

    Christine Mills

  81. I get a quarterly box – it’s always a treat! I like that I can easily swap the spirits from one box to the next so I’ve been able to try different things. When I’m feeling generous I choose the Holy Grass vodka so my husband can share too (he doesn’t like gin ‍♀️)
    The gins and vodka are all delicious.


  82. The Navy Strength is superb. Smooth but strong flavours that lady in your mouth. We already have the Beautiful bottle, but our first pouch refill was brilliant. Loved the “flagstone” crisps that came with the goodies. Can’t wait for the refill.

    Simon Senior

  83. fabulous range of gins so perfect i can’t decide which is my favourite. I just love the flexibility of the refill rewards club which allows you to swap across the range and of course there’s always have the treats to look forward to.

    Garry Dixon

  84. Love the refill club. As soon as one bottle goes, another arrives. Apart from the quality of the gin, the best bit is the pouch return process. Helps us all make a contribution to a greener society.

    Iain Mackay

  85. I love the idea of a more sustainable way of enjoying my favourite tipple and have a ceramic bottle both at home and at our little holiday home so I’m never away from it. The pouches are easily transportable for me too for topping up on holiday.

    Margaret Adamson

  86. I love opening my holygrass vodka refill box to see what lovely snacks are this time . They are always different and unusual

    Kay Maxwell

  87. Refill pouch arrived as promised and the enclosed goodies were an apt accompaniment

    Norman Goodwin

  88. Excellent service. I love the fact it’s so way to change and try different varieties. The customer service is excellent and couldn’t recommend it more.

    Gillian Mackenzie

  89. Refill arrived as promised. Alerts were helpful and accurate.
    The goodies were an apt accompaniment.

    Norman Goodwin

  90. I love my subscription deliveries. It’s easy to change to try different gin and communication is always easy and prompt from the distillery.

    Gillian Mackenzie

  91. I always love it when the postie delivers my rock rose refill. I am gin lover and RR is definitely one of my favs. I love drinking it with a slice of orange.
    This month the egg & chips thick crisps were a very tasty treat.
    Thank you for a great product and fabulous service.

    Mhairi Hastie

  92. Excellent. Love the extras in every box. Glad that we can now get the Spiced Orange in a pouch. I also find the boxes of minatures are great as presents

    Carole Gould

  93. Love receiving my box of delights every second month – RR original still my favourite. Who doesn’t love getting a parcel! Pop the pouch in the letterbox when the bottle is filled


  94. We love the subscription club and look forward to trying out the new rum!

    Christine Whitelaw

  95. Always a reliable, efficient delivery service. Well packaged and importantly, a really good product.!

    We really enjoy ‘the treats’

    Ian Palmer

  96. Got my refill rewards box today. A bargain – for the same price as the refill pouch you get loads of other goodies too – mixers, snacks, garnishes. Pouch was a bit tricky to pour into the bottle (reckon I lost about half a shot) but I got the hang of it so I’ll not lose any next time! And love the fact you can just pop the empty pouch in the postbox to recycle. Great system.

    Alexandra Davey

  97. thank you for a wonderful service ❤️

    Elizabeth Braid

  98. Just received second “refill”. Great overall process – reordering to delivery all excellent. The product remains really lovely and continues the Scottish theme. Just changed next delivery to another flavour for comparison……

    Alan Vinton

  99. We love the subscriptions club! We first tasted Rock Rose on a visit to Dunnet Bay distillery and joined the club on our return to Surrey. We excitedly anticipate our delivery of this tater, refreshing gin thoroughly enjoying trying all the different types . Original remains our favourite . The goodies delivered with our gin are such a good way to try something tasty and new. Fab service, delicious gin, happy people !

    Chriss Green

  100. Tour and samples so good we bought some bottles.
    The bottles were so good we needed some more!!
    Looking forward to receiving my refill pouch. Can’t wait

    Norman Goodwin

  101. I love the gin and love the fact that it comes all the way from Dunnet Bay to my glass in the Lake District without a hitch. I lived for over twenty years along the road from Dunnet Bay at Murkle and it delights me to see your business do so well – well done! Keep the gin rolling.

    C Brown

  102. Fabulous service, as ever! And now rum has been added to your range; we really look forwarded to trying this.

    Linda Wybar

  103. I was so pleased with the contents of my first box. The goodies just kept coming! I particularly loved the Shore seaweed crisps and will definitely seek these out again. I think the subscription is incredibly reasonable and think your recycling scheme is brilliant. Many thanks. Nici Simpson

    EN Simpson

  104. The subscription is brilliant. Less packaging and so easy to recycle. The box it comes in is so easy to open, my kids love making stuff out of it and the extra Scottish goodies that come each time is like waiting for a mini Christmas Stocking every month. I loved reading about the Blackthorn Salt this month. Being able to effortlessly switch between my 2 favs Coastal Gin and the classic Rock Rose GIn is great.


  105. I look forward to receiving my box. Usually because I have just come to the end of my previous refill. I do love the coastal edition, flavours and scents of the sea.

    Sally Wilkins

  106. This review is an easy one for me, as Rock Rose has been my favourite gin for quite some time! No mean feat given the choice on offer these days.
    I have been a subscriber for a couple of years now, and always enjoy the wee treats that come each quarter, they’re well thought out & always delicious

    Mrs Dawn Mahoney

  107. As always an amazing gin, i don’t t buy anything else anymore.
    Thank you

    Caroline Stevenson

  108. So glad i decided to join rewards club. Great idea, love looking forward to seeing what treats are in the box with my pouch of Gin. Returnable pouches are great idea, I used to hate throwing by bottles away.

    Jane Finn

  109. We absolutely love Rock Rose! And as such will only share it with our most discerning gin drinking friends!
    All the seasons have a unique taste but the Rock Rose undertones are there for every one.
    Love ‘appreciating’ a different one! And knowing we can post it back for recycling too.

    Lindsey Dakin

  110. I joined Refill Rewards Club when it started, fabulous products especially Citrous Coastal Edition, great variety to swap around when you please keeping all my bottles topped up. Advance access to new products and special offers.
    Rock Rose is my number one gin Distillery ❤️❤️❤️
    Love the recycling green philosophy which has quite rightly won them Awards.

    Karen Ward-Batty

  111. As ever , the wee surprises in the box are a welcome addition to club. We always look forward to seeing what is attached along with the very best gin you can buy!

    Annette Fraser

  112. Received my refill hamper, lovely gifts and well packaged, gin lovely as usual.

    Sheila Curtis

  113. I’ve enjoyed a variety of Rock Rose gins for a while now and finally took the step to become a member of the refill rewards club. So pleased I did as the service was great and the ability to change your selection as and when you feel like it ensures you can keep all your favourite gins topped up at all times.

    Elaine Marshman

  114. What is there to say- excellent product when and how I like it, change my choice whenever I wish and a quality range of products.


  115. Fabulous original gin plus a selection of one for each season to choose from, what’s not to like?

    Brilliant concept – stone bottles and returnable recyclable pouches.

    Quality Gin delivered with style (not forgetting the little treats that accompany the gin club subscription).

    J Wakeling

  116. wonderful gin, excellent subscription service! cannot rate highly enough

    Wren Rawlings

  117. My favourite gin by far…and there are lots on offer these days!

    Subscription box is special, lovely treats to accompany your gin and all perfectly complimentary.

    Victoria Rogers

  118. Great way to maintain our gin stock without using up glass bottles….with appropriate delivery package add-ons. Only been member for two months but very happy with communication, delivery & of course quality

    Alan Vinton

  119. We always enjoy Rock Rose gin and look forward to our next delivery. Plastic-free packaging is excellent.
    We enjoy some of the treats but not all are appetising! We visited the distillery the year you’d just started and have been back once more, would love to visit again but really live too far away. Delighted with your refill deliveries as I’ve not seen Rock Rose for sale in South Wales.

    Margaret McMillan

  120. Gin as good as ever and I always love the garnishes. I was a bit surprised to get a can of lemonade, which is not something I would drink with gin – and the cans are smaller than the previous bottles. Broad bean snacks were disgusting and the vegan millionaire’s shortbread was dry and unappetising. I appreciate you have vegan customers but it would be nice to have something edible. I’m beginning to wonder if the subscription is worth it.

    Anne Burns

  121. I love the subscription plan flexible to change your choice of gin. I enjoy the wee treat that comes with it – great encouragement packaging and love the free post back pouch! Rock Rose is my go to favourite gin

    Tina Coyle

  122. love going to distillery to pick up my box and have a chat with the staff .
    and saw the great exhibition

    Elizabeth Braid

  123. I love the simplicity of the subscription and it’s so easy to change your order. The pouch is a great idea for recycling and so far have enjoyed the extra treats.

    Catriona Cooper

  124. Get my Rock Rose Gin every 3 months and my Lassies Toast ready for Burns night. Enjoying both as do my friends. Was surprised at how tasty the Broad bean snacks were as I don’t like B-road beans. The vegan millionaire shortbread was a waste of calories though if you aren’t vegan. Changed to grapefruit old Tom for next delivery. Enjoying my membership and will continue. Keep up the good work


  125. We get a rock rose every two months and love the we extras that come with. The broccoli crisps were surprising, we actually liked them! So keep up the good work. We may try a vary the order every so often just to mix things up.

    Christine Whitelaw

  126. Such great value, and great gin along with extra treats – what’s not to love!

    Sharon Furnell

  127. Best gin out there- and I’ve tried a few!! Love the fact that my gin arrives every three months in a recyclable pouch which I send back. The extras – tonic water, lemonade, nibbles etc are always a welcome surprise! It’s good value and I’m delighted to support a family business. Looking forward to visiting the distillery when we next come to Scotland.


  128. Just about the best of the best, have tried hundreds of different gins and still come back to Rock Rose except this time it gets delivered to me each month, what’s not to like.

    John mills

  129. Amazing gin and lovely gifts with every delivery in the form of gorgeous garnishes, savoury and sweet snacks and posh mixers to complement the Rock Rose Gin. All delivered to the door, a lovely treat for all gin lovers.

    Susan Hall

  130. A treat every 3 months of the new seasons gin, always a delight to try and never disappoints! It is now how I judge that the new season has started – more reliable than the weather!

    Katherine Edward

  131. Absolutely love this and the fact we can change our spirt is a wonderful idea, as there is to much great spirits to keep it to one. Especially when you have Holy Grass

    Mandy Cox

  132. We’ve been refilling now for over a year and it is seriously a great idea. Can you imagine running out of Gin! It would be a nightmare for me. My wife would not be happy. She can not miss her Gin & Tonic. . Thank you for making my life easier.

    andrew horne

  133. Love the concept of refill pouches and enjoyed the snacks that came with the last one. Oh – and the vodka’s not bad either!

    Michael Wright

  134. Subscription idea is fab and not only can you choose and change your selection to try different gins, it’s so good for the environment too. I love opening the box wondering what the extra little goodies are, introducing you to local and possibly unknown or little known brands, like the Noisy Snacks in this months one.

    Jennifer Reynolds

  135. Rock Rose is our favourite gin, and we love the monthly subscription; unpacking our box of goodies is such a treat!

    Linda Wybar

  136. I continué to enjoy my monthly “goodies” the ability to change the spirit works well with the changing seasons. Happy I went for the monthly subscription

    Mike Harrison

  137. I just Love the little surprises added in the reward boxes, excellent value for money and off course the fabulous gin, (other options are available). All Delivered with great customer service. What more do you need. Enjoy.


  138. fabulous refill pouch arrived…. hooray, and loved the extra goodies: chocolate, crisps and tonic. Thank you for making the best gin!

    Jane Watkins

  139. Rock Rose Autumn edition has turned my rum drinking fella into a gin lover too. I’ve always loved Rock Rose and think I have nearly all of them, we came and did the tour last summer and now both love it. The refills are brilliant. I love that you can change the edition whenever you want as I love sticking to the seasons. The liquid garni are great too. Really makes a difference.


  140. I love receiving my regular refill and the lovely snacks to accompany the gin. Always cheers my day.


  141. Fabulous service, always arrives on time, best gin ever and love all the little extras included.

    Lynne Silcocks

  142. I’ve just received my second parcel, gorgeous gin as usual but a surprise of a lovely bar of chocolate and crisps went down a treat looking forward to my next box

    Linda Reed

  143. Love being in the rewards club of my favourite gin. Great value for money, and the extras you get in the box are lovely too.


  144. Really enjoy the subscription service. Lovely gin and the little extra surprises are a bonus, thank you!

    Eileen Prior

  145. 5 Stars again for the Dunnet Bay Distillers! Love the refill box and the fact that I get to try out different gins each time. The coastal edition was delicious!


  146. By far our favourite gin. The reward refill packages never fail to surprise and delight with the wee extras included in the box .

    Annette Fraser

  147. Love receiving my bimonthly refill of my favourite gin. The goodies included are also lovely.


  148. I love everything about Rock Rose gin!
    I love the gin – first and foremost! Autumn and Winter are in our collection. Spring is about to be added!
    I love the liquid garnish! One for each season!
    I love the refill club! Chop and change with the season!
    I love the closed loop recycling!
    I loved the tour when we visited Scotland!
    I love the company story!
    Oh and did I say I loved the gin!

    Lizzie Kear

  149. Once again received my subscription and am pleased with the product and its gifts, the packaging is ver good.


  150. Just received my rock rose refill, love all the goodies included. The gin is lovely.


  151. I simply adore Rock Rose Gin. I get so excited when I know my refill pouch is on the way.
    No one else in the house is allowed to touch the bottle without my express permission, it is my treat to myself.

    Isabel Alison Hammett

  152. I have been a monthly subscriber to the gin club since it started. I find Rock Rose to be superior quality gin. I love how easy it is to change which flavour gin I want each month. I love the variety of other local products you get in the box too. I have never had any issues with my subscription and delivery is always when it’s stated. The package is high quality too.

    Judith Bull

  153. Thank you Anne, we try to find different snacks each month and I am sorry you weren’t impressed by Januarys. That is strange about the tonic and we will certainly replace that for you. I have made a note on your account. Kindest regards, Claire

    Claire Murray

  154. Really look forward to my box arriving. It’s great that the empty refill can be sent back to the distillery, don’t know if an other supplier is doing this. It’s also unique that you can change the gin you order at any time, so that you can sample a fantastic range. I like that the extras are in the main locally sourced in Scotland. All in all the refill box is a winner.

    Ruth Sandford

  155. Looking forward to my next delivery, love this gin

    Sheila Curtis

  156. I love knowing my refill pouch will arrive as treat each month and the pouch recycle service is so easy to use. Keep making us delicious spirits

    Seonaid Green

  157. I look forward to my quarterly refill box and it’s surprise treats as does my husband although he won’t admit it. It’s nice to have a spare refill from Rock Rose, comes in handy for gifts. I also think it’s wonderful you can change what gin or vodka you can order.

    Anne Sanders

  158. Living in Northampton I have a delivery ….we have a book club and I take to dinner parties
    My brother lives in dunnet so on yearly visits I stock up

    My washing up liquid dispenser is a bottle and I have bottle candles …my house is dunnet bay gin ….

    Rachael Bignell

  159. I my friend was absolutely delighted with the All Things Rock Rose Gin hamper I gave as a gift. The gin is a favourite, but she loved all the extra goodies and especially the gin coupe glass. All contained in a beautiful hamper!


  160. I really look forward to my Dunnet Bay refill, there’s always a lovely surprise. It’s nice to get items that you would normally not come across . I particularly like the fact that you can change the gin in your refill, so you can try all the different gins. It is very good value for money and excellent gin.

    Ruth Sandford

  161. Returning home in the New Year to a lovely boxed treat from Rock Rose is just what is required to set 2023 off on the right foot.
    Love the different little additions you get to each box that complement your gin beautifully.

    Louise Moir

  162. I love the creamy clean taste of your Holy Grass Vodka, it always feels like a dreamy treat to pour myself a delicious glass on the rocks with tonic. You’re also relatively local, as I’m in the Great Glen by Loch Ness, and I do love to support local small businesses. To then discover I can receive a refill pouch every month – fabulous! And even better to discover I can return the pouch free by post, no hassle, no fuss recycling – I love it all xx


  163. The gin is as good as ever but I was unimpressed with the extras this time. Broccoli crisps were horrible, vegan bar was not much better and one of the bottles of tonic was only half full. Hope the next box is better!

    Anne Burns

  164. I am fairly a new customer and have just received my second refill including the extras delivered on time as planned.Very pleased with the Rock Rose Gin and being able to return the pouch foc back to recycle.

    Trevor Mapleston

  165. wonderful service great staff
    so helpful

    Elizabeth Braid

  166. I have recently joined the concept outlined by Dunnet, so my few comments relate to this introductory contact.
    Good web-site, easy to join and understand the positive advantages of the scheme
    Order arrived as promised in good time but minimal packaging – always a big positive start to a relationship.
    Contents well presented but not over-engineered.
    Sampling of add-ons still processing, so more next review in March.
    Main product doesn’t really need a review as always excellent.
    Overall great scheme to minimise waste but still present an attractive overall concept.
    Will try the product range over time, so more comments to come…..


  167. I used to be able to buy pouches at my local Sainsbury but no longer, so was delighted to find this website.
    Have received my first delivery and loved the little surprises in the box as well as the pouch. Marvellous idea, wish you could do the same refill idea with many items.


  168. Fantastic Gin, hassle free delivered to my door


  169. I have subscribed since the refill rewards club was launched. I love how you can swap the flavours out as much or as little as you want. The pouch along with the goodies always feels like a lovely treat when it arrives and I always post my pouch back (feels good to a little for the environment). My only (very very small) negative would be that it would be good if the tonic brands were mixed up a bit more. I am not a fan of the Franklin & Sons Tonic (but that’s just me!). All in all I love this rewards club! ❤️

    Judy Hill

  170. I love the subscription idea and have been a member for about 2 years now. I love the fact that we can change the regularity of the subscription and more importantly, style and type of gin depending on taste and season with lots to choose from. I keep finding a new favourite! The pouch when empty is just popped in the post, win win for the environment. To top the lot, the surprise of the extra treats, usually local and small businesses is a great way to be introduced to new things and promoting the local business and community.

    Jennifer Reynolds

  171. I have been a member for a while now. The ability to change the frequency and to switch the spirit is a great feature. I always like the mystery contents, mixers, garnishes, savoury and sweet treats. Keep up the good work.

    Elizabeth Brash

  172. I was very happy to receive my mini hamper, the fudge was lovely and the tonic and ginger ale look perfect mixers to the winter edition Rock Rose gin refill which I am looking forward to trying. The normal Rock Rose gin is lovely and clean tasting so it should be enjoyable

    Jay Jay Cee

  173. After sampling the gin in the hotel next to the distillery, we decided to put in a regular order. We look forward to our order and the added tonics and other surprises, but the gin is the star and enjoyed by ourselves, friends and family, the different flavours available is fantastic and we would recommend to anyone considering putting in a regular order.

    Neil Thomas

  174. The recyclable pouch full of my favourite Rock Rose gin is one of my ultimate pleasures to receive through the post. The bonus of a couple of mixers, plus an extra special treat, makes this club the best.


  175. I have been a member for a long time now and Rockrose is still the favourite in our house. We love the taste, particularly of the original gin, and look forward to every delivery in its recyclable packaging. I first tasted Rockrose on a visit to Dunnet Head and I’ve been hooked ever since.

    Margaret McMillan

  176. Received my box this week, my fave Navy Strength in the market and some top class tonic, garnish and Xmassy snacks!


  177. Long time subscriber and love the intrigue of what may be in my very sturdy box delivered by my postie who is supper careful not to drop it. He just knows how precious my parcel is. The fact that I can drop the pouch back in my posties red box in the village and it gets back to you – I just love. Great gin from a great team – fantastic flavour and to swap your delivery schedule to suit what you need is amazing.

    sue gibson

  178. We came across Dunnet Bay distillery during our route 500 of Scotland.
    We purchased one each of all flavours of gin and vodka. Since that date in 2021 I have ordered a number of re fills but I have a monthly subscription of the Holy Cross vodka. As Carlsberg might say “ Probably the best Vodka in the world “

    Brian Henderson

  179. The refill club is excellent value and flexible, we look forward to receiving our hamper to see what goodies are included. The Gin is excellent as well, would highly recommend. David

    David Postlethwaite

  180. Loved my first Rock Rose Gin refill subscription mini hamper. I felt very spoilt receiving all the accompanying goodies, was not expecting such yummy things with my pouch!! I love my Rock Rose Gin, it beats other gins hands down

    Christine Hubbard

  181. Love, love, love.
    Always excited to see what treats arrive with my refill pouch.

    Jennifer Dawson

  182. Regular as clockwork. Get to change my preferences when needed. Just fabulous gin and vodka. Waiting to see how the new malt turns out. I expect it to be fabulous too.

    Iain Mackay

  183. You provide such a fabulous service with your refill rewards club. Always good fun checking what’s in the box along with my gin pouch

    Carol Martin

  184. I have had the holy grass vodka subscription for several months now!
    The little surprise treats are always delicious and go great with the drinks!

    Best day of the month when it arrives!

    Harry jackson

  185. My refill Rock Rose gin is unpacked, the original ceramic bottle refilled and the empty pouch back in the mail for closed loop recycling before the postie has even left the street! Now waiting excitedly for the weekend to enjoy the first G&T of the month. A terrific product; brilliant subscription scheme at great value.

    Sue Feuerhelm

  186. Best gin ever and lots of treats included, everything recyclable perfect

    Lynne Silcocks

  187. An excellent parcel yet again. It is such a delight to change the gin selected and to be able to taste the range of excellent gins available, as well as the choice to have a vodka as a change. Wishing you all at Dunnet Bay Distillers a very happy Christmas and a successful New Year.

    Ian Hallam

  188. Just received my first refill pouch and was delighted with my mini hamper, crisps, fudge,tonic and garnish, look forward to my next one.

    Sheila Curtis

  189. Amazing gin that comes in a totally recyclable (closed loop) pouch with fabulous snacks & a garnish for the gin. You can change the frequency of delivery or the choice of gin anytime. A delightful package to provide a lovely surprise whatever your frequency of delivery! Love it ❤️

    Sue Hall

  190. Excellent gins – several are favourites of ours! The subscription club is very flexible and great value. Can’t rate it highly enough.


  191. I love my subscription boxes! All the littles extras in the box are a really nice touch. Not to mention it’s one of our favourite gins. Great to be able to change the gin pouch with each box so we get to try them all.

    Heidi Hayes

  192. Love rock rose gin and especially happy with the refill pouch as it’s kinder to the environment. Always tasty snacks with the refill club subscription.

    Frances Russell

  193. I bought two bottles of gin whilst visiting the distillery, I bought the original & spring edition, like them both but the spring edition is wonderful and I have joined the rewards refill scheme so I can always have some in my cupboard.

    Sheila Curtis

  194. Brilliant Gin and great service!

    Sandi Dawson

  195. I absolutely love the Refill Rewards Club, receiving my regular pouch of gin with the extra goodies, and being able to change which edition whenever I want! It makes no sense not to be part of the club!

    Philip Wickes

  196. another great box. we love this gin and vodka. Great you can change your gin at each delivery if you want. brilliant service . thank you

    Janet Cousins

  197. thank you for another wonderful treat

    Elizabeth Braid

  198. Another fantastic refill delivery. I’ve tried the Autumn Edition this time and it’s as great as all the others have been.

    Tracey Haigh

  199. Always s bit of fun to open the box and see the little treats ( as well as the gin!).
    Very easy to swop to a different gin if we fancy a change and then the returnable pouches are a great idea.

    Christine Wells

  200. I’ve just received my first order of the autumn edition and I have to say it is absolutely scrumptious. On opening the pouch and decanting into my favourite bottle, I caught the delicious spicy and fruity aroma and couldn’t wait to splash a glass, adding a cube and my favourite tonic. So refreshing and just what I needed at the end of a long day. Looking forward to my next delivery (oh and the olives were delish too) 🙂

    Jan Trezise

  201. Absolutely love this.After my first bottle of coastal gin I now love trying the different flavours with the convenience of having it delivered & been able to return the pouches is an added bonus

    Sheena Hall

  202. just love both the products and the flexibility of the package which I can change when it suits me. The gin is fantastic and the little add on’s always a suprise. The original and , summer versions are particularly nice the original superb with elderflower tonic and grapefuit garnish. i would absolutely recommend to anyone.

    Garry Dixon

  203. Dunnet Bay refill service is excellent, almost as excellent as the gin itself!

    Kirsty Davis

  204. I received a bottle of gin last Christmas and loved it so much I joined the refills club, just received my first delivery along with bottles of tonic and some snacks amazing. Why didn’t I join once the original bottle had finished why on earth did I wait so long?


  205. Love receiving my refill reward. Extra treats too. It’s like a birthday present to myself!


  206. Having been to your distillery last year I decided to join Rewards club. What an excellent experience I’m having. I have also now experienced the Smoked Orange gin, I must say it’s been a very welcome and appreciated drink amongst our friends, of whom some are considering whether to join the Rewards Club.
    We all agree that Dunnet Bay Gin is fabulous, definitely our favourite.

    Keith Lowe

  207. I chanced upon this distillery whilst driving the NCR500 but am so glad I did! I am very choosy about Gin and the Rock Rose original Gin is now a firm favourite along with the Pink Grapefruit. The refill pouch is used by a few distilleries but this distillery is the only one that I’m aware of that not only does this at a reduced price compared to the bottle price but also includes some lovely goodies as well as delivery. You also have the option of switching which Gin that you would like to top up. Amazing!


  208. Lovely Gin, I love when the postie delivers my parcel. The tonics and products included are always of high quality.


  209. the refill pouches are a great idea. not only does it recycle the lovely designed bottles, it also keeps my bottles topped up with some delicious tasting gins. I love the wee surprises that are included each time.


  210. I was so thrilled to receive my first refill rewards club delivery. I loved all the extra treats. So very easy to top up your beautiful bottle and return the pouch. (postage paid) Great value and great Gin.

    Celia Wright

  211. Well that’s my third delivery via the Refill Rewards Club and I’m already looking forward to the Winter Edition pouch turning up! Nice having the extras and making use of previous bottle(s) and it’s a doddle to return the empty pouch too. Well worth it…

    Mark Bickerdike

  212. The Rock Rose refill pouches are a wonderful and sustainable idea that nobody else seems to have considered. I love that I can change the flavour of each pouch, so I can refill whichever of my Rock Rose gin collection is getting low. Such a variety of editions that there’s something for everyone. My only suggestion is that I’d like to be able to order other things, such as a new edition (orange) or a pump dispenser, but I can’t add it to my refill order.

    Emma Jones

  213. Loved everything about my box. It arrived promptly, everything eco-friendly & gin never disappoints. It’s probably best to use a funnel to decant the pouch but otherwise no complaints. Bring on the next one!

    Fiona Bennett

  214. Having discovered Rock Rose on a trip to Caithness in 2018, it has become our favorite gin. Imagine our delight when we discovered it can be mailed to us on a regular basis and it comes with snacks and nibbles!! We mix up our order on a regular basis as changing is so easy to do online. Best part (besides the gin) is being able to drop empty pouch in the mail to return! Doing our part to keep it green!

    Lisa Croft

  215. Have been buying these gins for 8 years and are delighted with them. The family all love the various tastes. The pouch system is so clever too.


  216. we found this lovely place last year while we were on holiday. we ended up buying 5 of there wonderful gins and vodka. we have now joined the club and its amazing wonderful gin and terrific value for money
    how could it get better

    Janet cousins

  217. Loved getting my refill pouch, absolutely love Rock Rose Summer Edition gin, glad we did the distillery tour in the Summer and was introduced to this fabulous gin. Definitely my favourite.

    Kathleen Band

  218. Lovely gin, the subscription is great, you can swap and change between pouches and it is brilliant that you can post them back, overall great value for money!

    Katie Burrows-martin

  219. Though simplistic, love it. Always looking for that something else and have actively sought out some of the ‘freebies’. Great way to purchase a quality gin and there’s always something else being distilled as a ‘one off’. Love it.

    Shaun Knott

  220. The easiest way to purchase a top quality gin. Delivered to your door at reasonable cost and with various other complimentary delicacies to sample, no waste, great taste, perfect!

    John Mennie

  221. I love being able to alternate the choice of gin with each box and I look forward to trying the different tonics and snacks. It’s also great to be able to recycle the pouch!

    Susan Hogg

  222. Received my refill pack with some lovely unexpected extras – thank you


  223. Just received my first box – love the refill option and the re-purposed packaging Looking forward to a delicious G&T later!


  224. I love getting my monthly reward club delivery. There’s always a surprise in the box and get excited each month to see what’s in the box, apart from my favourite gin from the friendliest distillery of course.

    Anthea Atkins

  225. Lovely products, excellent service. I look forward to my monthly refill.

    michelle thorpe

  226. Got my box this morning! Love that I feel I am getting a present for myself and always enjoy seeing what delights there are to eat! Today I also got a can of the gin and tonic so great bonus!!!

    Moira Penders

  227. I love my first refill rewards club box.
    Rock Rose gin is the finest I have ever tasted (believe me I’ve tried many). I always want to have it in so it makes perfect sense to be in the refill club. I also love the rock rose gin bottles but really don’t want to keep buying new ones as it’s bad for the environment and more expensive. To get the refill and all the extra goodies with no P&P costs is amazing! Thank you x

    Alison Davies

  228. Absolutely loved my Gin parcel this month and all of the goodies. Incredibly well packaged and a premium product, excellent value.

    Kirsty Ferguson

  229. My favourite gin. I signed up to the monthly refill membership during lockdown. The gin is light and fresh and I look forward each month to see what additional goodies are in my box. I can safely say I am never disappointed.


  230. Another lovely delivery, and added bonus that one of the treats was gluten free. Always good to see what’s in the box every time.

    Ian MacLeod

  231. It’s always a delight to receive my refill rewards box and this month was no exception. The treats are always a lovely surprise and I really appreciate the effort you go to pick out such perfect goodies that I would never have found myself. My October box is just fantastic!
    Thank you.

    Sandra Ness

  232. Changed the gin this quarter to the winter one from spring, delicious as always. The nibbles very acceptable and the can of premixed g and t a find. Thanks

    Eleanor Townsend

  233. Yet another lovely delivery from our rewards club. Always look forward to see what goodies will be in the parcel when it arrives and always a pleasant surprise.
    Our favourite gin by far and a lovely company to be associated with.
    Very well done and you deserve every success.


  234. Usual prompt delivery with those little extras that make it worthwhile. The gin is excellent quality and taste- bought vodka this quarter to enhance my bar choice- brilliant. Made an extra purchase of the orange gin- it sound great.

    Knott Shaun

  235. Loving the refill membership, especially the option to swap gins each time so that I can keep all my lovely bottles topped up. The tonics and treats in the refill box are also delightful.


  236. I have been a sub member for a long time and it’s great to be able to switch from different timeframes to suit what’s going on in life. I look forward to the goodies which are always a lovely surprise. I have also gone on to seek out the products to continue to purchase. Love the refill


  237. Our first rewards pack arrived very safely in the post and contains as well as the Gin refill some very thoughtful extras.

    The post back service on the refill pouch is also a lovely touch and good environmental approach.

    We love the products from Dunnet Bay (in moderation!) and this allows us to enjoy them despite living 600 miles away.

    We will be very happy long term subscribers.

    All the very best

    Pete Sanderson

  238. Love my subscription and enjoy the monthly extras. I hope the Smoked Orange arrives in pouch form soon. Loved it and it will be a great winter drink

    Carole Gould

  239. We enjoy Rock Rose gin, both the regular which we subscribe to and the Navy Strength. The specials are also excellent. The system of sending quarterly refill packs with added goodies we also greatly appreciate!

    Stephen Gilman

  240. Found Rock Rose gin through craft gin club, one of my favourite gins. Love the refill club delivered straight to the door in a pouch that you can send back to them. Need to try more of this lovely gin.

    Vicki Allen

  241. As ever the refill rewards collection was excellent. They even managed to arrange pick up at the distillery as we were passing, at short notice. Dunnet Bay are helpful, obliging, easy to deal with and very friendly. We have tried all the gins now and there isn’t a single dud in the collection. Thanks again.

    Ian Williams

  242. The Refill Rewards Club from Dunnet Bay Distillers is just the best. The website allows you to change the type of gin (or vodka) each time so you can try them all and find your favourite (the Autumn edition one is mine). The sustainable packaging just tops it off, feel like I’m doing my bit for the environment!

    Melanie Cook

  243. I’ve been reluctant to throw the two wonderful Rock Rose gin ceramic bottles once finally empty so once I realised there was a way to refill them and save a few pounds in the process I signed up to the Refill Rewards Club – I love the little extras it comes with and that you can free post the pouch back too! A great idea all round.

    Mark Bickerdike

  244. We love being able to receive the refills of Rock Rose gin. Delivery is always prompt in environmentally friendly packaging. also the opportunity to change to something different if we feel like a change.

    Margaret McMillan

  245. I love this deal. my favourite gin arrives regularly, with environmentally friendly packaging. A very convenient and delightful way to spend my money with a small, ethical business. Happy customer!


  246. Love the refill club, easy to swop between the different refills, and the extras are always of superb quality

    Rachel Greaves

  247. Absolutely love this service. Great box again this month, the chocolates were lovely, yet to venture to try the seaweed crisps. The gin, as always, has been fabulous. I’ve changed to the Winter Edition for my next box which will be lovely for Christmas.

    Tricia Adie

  248. Never disappoints –

    Carole Hirst

  249. Just love going to distillery to pick up box or to buying latest editions and have a chat with the so helpful staff . Love taking family and friends when the come to visit ☺️

    Elizabeth Braid

  250. Superb box as usual!! Switched up to Navy Strength for my next box at Xmas! My absolute fave.

    Kate Black

  251. this was our first subscription box and wow it was brilliant.thank you.
    found this wonderful. Place while on holiday in May and we have to say its now become our favourite gin.
    thank you your pouches are wonderful

    Janet cousins

  252. My two monthly Rock Rose gin arrived again. Well packaged and I just love the treats. This month seaweed crops and chocolate … just lovely!


  253. Really love the subscription box, you get to choose which flavour you wish and it comes with bottles of mixers, a garnish, and two other treats which are a total surprise. I love the holy grass vodka which comes in a recycling pouch that you post back when empty. The flavour is very smooth and fresh with a creamy aftertaste, really enjoyable. Would highly recommend to anyone to buy

    Audrey Galloway

  254. My friend and I meet on a Sunday afternoon for a chat and to put the world to rights our tipple on Sunday is holy grass premium Vodka which helps the afternoon along nicely It’s a very pleasant Vodka on its own over ice or with a mixer of your choice it has a delicious aftertaste the only vodka to have on our Sunday afternoon

    Matthew Stenhouse

  255. It is like Christmas every month when my refill pouche of wonderfull citrus coastal edition arrives. The great surprises enclosedin the box has little treats that taste great and a great tonic to go with the gin. The refill pouch is great for recycling and a conversation starter with friends and post offices. The new boxes are also recycled as they are so useful for storage or posting things on. The citrus coastal edition has a taste of spring that is so refreshing, you have to have another.

    David Perry

  256. The Dunnet bay refill rewards club is like no other as you get to choose which gin you want to receive. The extras have all been very palatable, especially the gin fudge. The refill pouch is returned to Dunnet bay, so you are not contributing to land fill. The price is very reasonable and not forgetting the gin which is delicious. Definitely a win win.

    Ruth Sandford

  257. Holy Grass Vodka is such a lovely smooth drink. Predominantly enjoyed over ice, I’ve recently used if for a Dry Vodka-tini, and its sublime. We’ve tried a couple of the gin variations too, and these also do not disappoint.

    As a eco-warrioress, I also love the recycle pouches, reducing Dunnet Bay’s delivery emissions and my waste to landfill.

    My only complaint is you are so flippin’ far from sunny Norfolk, that I’ve only managed to visit once!

    Jacquie Silvester

  258. I love the anticipation of waiting for the parcel to arrive. A guaranteed supply of Rock Rose Gin and those little extras that come in the box are always a surprise and delight. A great way to sample some treats I would not normally think of purchasing, all while enjoying my favourite gin.

    Anthea Atkins

  259. Love our bi monthly Navy Gin treat box. Love the extras that are included. This months Gnaw Chocolate and Shore Crisps were sooo by good. We made orders with both producers we were so impressed . A great service and the return system for the pouches is excellent . Many thanks to all at Rock Rose Gin.

    Sue P

  260. I have been a member since we visited your distillery and took the tour. The reward boxes are brilliant and I love the little extras ( the chocolate was fab this month) it really is a reward!!! In my opinion the best gin ever!!!

    Nicola Dempsey

  261. The perfect way to make sure you always have some Rock Rose Gin in the cupboard…. love the refill pouches, love the little extras that come in the delivery, and it’s still the best Gin ever. Thank you!


  262. Refill rewards is a great value subscription. Love the premise of reducing energy to deliver by reducing package weight, and reducing waste of extra bottles being produced for repeat customers. The extra treats are always fun to discover too!


  263. Love the refills and snack packs pick mine up and love the chat with Joanne and co


  264. Enjoyed the gin when doing the Scottish 500 4 years ago and have enjoyed it ever since especially love sharing the gin with my friends.

    Anne Newton

  265. Love the refill rewards club, great for refilling the lovely bottles.
    Loved the tonics and snacks too.

    Ruth Sampson

  266. A great cost efficient way of keeping your favourite gins topped up, reusing the lovely ceramic bottles.
    Not the cheapest gin out there but typical price for smaller batch craft gins and the quality here is excellent. And the box is nicely presented plus the bonus of having treats, mixers and garnish

    Mark Bickerdike

  267. All the gins are great best is naval strength our only concern is it easily drunk didn’t make it into the bottle this time !?

    Rena Sykes

  268. Love the gin but always get excited by the little extras too!

    Anne Wells

  269. I love it when the postie delivers my refill pack. I’ve recommended the service to all my gin loving friends. Thanks


  270. I always look forward to the delivery. Not only for the gin, but the wee extras too.
    That fact that you can change you gin pick at any time is a big plus

    Craig Yorkston

  271. I love my quarterly supply of rock rose Akways with a little surprise treat. I also love the fact I can simply send my refill pouch into the post so I feel Ian doing my bit for the environment as well as of course just loving my favourite G n T

    Jane Schmidt

  272. Love the coastal version, that tang of salt, mixed with lime, is so refreshing. The whole idea of reducing waste in this way is very much the way we will all have to go. The extra little treats popped into each box area not always for me but are well received by friends!

    One little point- the postie was very concerned that the contents of the box were moving around and rattling. Turned out that the wee bottles of tonic had come loose. Nothing broken but maybe a rethink of future packaging?

    Sally Wilkins

  273. What a great idea to deliver refill pouches right to my door. Enjoy getting the wee surprise treats. Its great I can try the different flavours. Coastal is my favourite at the moment. Good way to re-cycle my old bottles too.


  274. Love receiving my rock rose refill and the little extras that come with it. Easy to swap and try the different flavours.


  275. Love the refill club, the gin is the best there is, love all the flavours, spring being my favourite, the tonics and nibbles that come with the refill club are excellent, you look forward to the local postie coming.


  276. Lovely to be able to try different gins and great quality gifts too.

    Sarah Charlton

  277. Another lovely pouch arrived last week–we particularly like the Coastal Edition–a great way to keep using the bottles we have collected and recycle the pouches by sending them back in the post. Great green initiative and great gin!

    Martin L

  278. Another fabulous monthly delivery… delicious gin, a couple of tonics and some lovely treats. Absolutely love Rock Rose Rewards Club


  279. This is a really beautiful gin, always my go to drink. I am so glad I have been able to subscribe to a regular supply. The pouches of gin, that can be so easily recycled, is so clever and I love being able to keep my original bottle. Perfect.


  280. I am a regular Rock Rose Gin subscription member, but thought I’d treat my husband to a vodka refill this month, he tells me it’s the nicest vodka he’s ever had, which figures, as the gin is by far the nicest I’ve ever had too! Think it will be a debate who’s getting the next refill in our house!

    Yvonne Simpson

  281. Love the Refill club. Its an easy way to try the different Rock Rose varieties with an extra special “gift” at the same time.

    Joanne Ash

  282. I was a dedicated vodka drinker until I tried Rock Rose and as they say, the rest is history! I joined the subscription club and love receiving my box, I love the sustainability of it too. My favourite is the pink grapefruit with tonic and a slice of frozen grapefruit. I would 100% recommend joining!


  283. Whilst traveling on the NC500 last year we made a detour to visit the Dunnet Bay Distillery, (would be silly not too), I was very impressed with what I saw, the presentation, taster samples and organization.
    Since then I’ve been pondering over whether to join DBD group.
    Now I’ve thought about it, I joined and received my first delivery this month.
    What an excellent choice, the Navy Strength is, the only nagging question I have in my mind is, why did I leave it so long?

    The Rock Rose Gin and gift makes it all special.

    Thank you, looking forward to many more deliveries.

    Keith Lowe

  284. Only just discovered and joined but loved my first delivery with all its extras. I already love Rock Rose and discovered the Summer edition at Bettyhill Storehouse last summer. I was about to recycle my pouch but have held off until I reuse it for travelling with my gin !! Can’t wait to Autumn for the Autumn edition. Than you

    Fiona Cruden

  285. Another 5 star delivery! Love the Coastal gin and would be perfectly happy to only receive this so the added extras are a lovely bonus.

    Tracey Haigh

  286. Very happy with my first Refill Rewards box. The little pack of garnishes is an especially nice touch. Only one criticism – it would help if we could track the parcel. My box took a week to get here and I was beginning to think it had got lost by the time it arrived. Loved the contents though!

    Annie Burns

  287. Delighted, once again, with my Rock Rose delivery. Coastal Edition is one of my faves and it will be enjoyed over the summer hols. Love the little bits n pieces you get with your box and always look forward to it arriving


  288. Took a wee while longer to arrive than anticipated, but really like the dried orange in the rock rose. The sweets will be coming on a bike ride around Bute. Hoping to try out a few of the other gins in the coming months

    Christine Whitelaw

  289. Love my Rock Rose subscription. Post back pouches are excellent and love all the wee extras. Highly recommended

    Emma Terrance

  290. Well thank you once again for the fab box . And the wonderful service thank you Joanne


  291. Just love my latest refill pack! Both ‘extra’ items (Shortbread fingers and Strawberry & cream boiled sweets) are great and I’ve loved your gin for the last two years since I first tried it. Also love that the refill pouches are so easy to return for recycling. Keep up the excellent work!

    Margaret Howarth

  292. We are firm fans of the original rock rose and love our monthly refill delivery. This month we have tried the summer edition as well and it’s lovely. It will be a hard choice for next month which one to go for!

    Sacha coombe

  293. I absolutely love the citrus coastal edition and the rewards box takes this to another level! I have now discovered goji berries and love pairing my favourite gin with different tonics. Grapefruit and rosemary tonic is my favourite pairing, even better out of my beautiful rock rose glass!
    The shortbread in this months box has already gone down a treat. Amazing value and the recyclable refill pouches are great for the environment.
    Can’t wait for next month. 🙂


  294. I was introduced to rock rose by a colleague who once lived near to the distillery and Im so pleased that happened just love this gin especially with elderflower fever tree tonic. I enrolled in the refill club and love the fact that I can swap between gins or indeed vodka at any time. A fab service to go with the very enjoyable gins always look forward to the next one

    Garry Dixon

  295. I love my monthly subscription – not only do I love getting the greener refill pouches to replensih my lovely bottles (and they do need replenshing!) but it’s fun to see what other goodies are put in the bundle each month along with the tonics and gin. They often have a nostalgic feel to them. It’s also so easy to switch drinks each month if you fancy trying something different. I recommend giving this a try.


  296. My son gave me a present of a bottle of Rock Rose after his visit to the distillery and as soon as I tried it I was hooked! The Refill Rewards Club is such a good idea and I love the fact that I can just post back the empty pouch. A lot of thought has gone into setting this all up so well done Rock Rose!

    Sandra Ness

  297. Such great value and love how you can try different gins each time. Love all of the gins and the closed loop recycling is fab. Highly recommended


  298. Having visited the distillery a few years back on our trip round Scotland, I’ve been a fan of Dunnet Bay ever since. I love the Holy Grass Vodka, but also sampling the different gins with the subscription service. So nice to have something to look forward to each month, and one can easily change the tipple on one’s account. Please can we have more savoury snacks with it though?
    Also a big plus is the recyclable “bottle”.

    Frances G

  299. The coastal edition has to be my favourite. It carries the scent of the sea and the whisper of rushing waves. Delicious with lime and ice.

    S M Wilkins

  300. Love my subscription Delivery of Rock Rose Gin. It’s my all time favourite Gin, so smooth and fresh. The added extras are a joy each month. Just switched to try Holy grass Vodka as it’s been Highly recommended. Can’t wait to visit the distillery.

    Samantha Donaldson

  301. Love all the seasons, my absolute favourite is the Navy Strength, so smooth! The monthly box is great, recycling at its best along with the yummy treats!

    Kate Black

  302. I love the Holy Grass Vodka so much, amazing taste and the lovely surprises each time are such a great treat. Was the best birthday present ever

    Michelle LAWSON

  303. I was never a gin person until I tasted Rock Rose about two years ago. Wow! That changed my mind. Now a member of the Refills Reward Club receiving an exciting parcel from them every month. The original Rock Rose is still my favourite and the goodies enclosed are always so good. And another bonus is that it’s such an eco friendly company.

    Evelyn Stafford

  304. Our favourite gin. Love having the regular delivery with extra treats. The refill pouch is a great idea as well. Always look forward to the next delivery.

    Margaret McMillan

  305. I love the summer edition of Rock Rose as it gives an extra freshness thanks to the citrus accent. The gin gives the assurance of the original quality together with a twist that’s just right for summer. The refill pouch also makes it perfect for festivals!

    Emma Jones

  306. Love taking delivery of my pouch
    Get to try new flavours
    Pity it doesn’t last longer x

    Sheena Hall

  307. I love Gin and there aren’t many Gins that I haven’t tried but on my recent trip to Scotland I discovered Rock Rose Gin and I’m so impressed to the point that I actually think this is my favourite ever Gin. It’s so smooth and easy to drink, not harsh like some Gins. I think the refill scheme is a fantastic idea and signed up as soon as I heard about it. It’s a great way to try the other Gins and you get all the extras and it’s a lot cheaper than some other Gin clubs. 5 stars from me!

    Karyn Brown

  308. We have the vodka subscription and it’s the smoothest brand we have ever tried. Eclectic range of goodies turn up with monthly box!

    Tessa Dollar

  309. Found this amazing gin on the famous Scottish 500 – can’t believe I can have it delivered in such an environmentally friendly way! Now I can fill up my fabulous stone bottle and continue to enjoy this superb gin

    Carole Hirst

  310. I only order the Holy Grass but the flavour/taste is excellent. I’m sure there is a technical or scientific vocabulary to describe all of that but for me the vodka has a natural flavour without being anything like a flavoured vodka which is not so natural.
    I drink it with tonic and a slice of lime…….no folderols but it suits me just fine.

    The convenience of having a regular delivery is perfect. It reminds me of the old ways of putting milk bottles out of an evening to find them magically refilled by morning.

    Keep leaving the milk!!

    Best regards

    John Mitchell

  311. Love the Holy Grass and the Pink Grapefruit so I’m pleased I can pick and choose each month! Refill pouches are a brilliant environmentally friendly way to post out our “bottles” and to easy to post back! Well done

    Moira Penders

  312. Amazing gin as always

    Manjit Bhamra

  313. The Holy Grass Vodka refill is like a Xmas present all year round, the varied contents and thoughtful extras are a welcome addition; well worth it!


  314. I really look forward to getting my “refill” and seeing what extras will be included.
    Love that it is better value and better for the environment. Goes without saying, but the gin is pretty amazing too!

    Helen Draper

  315. Great gin and love the goodies in box …the bottles are stunning …and lots of uses


  316. Best gin, absolutely love the refill packs and goodies that come with it! Great way of trying out new gins

    Lucy McClung

  317. Love the original gin and the seasons ones too, love the refill pouches and how you get a choice of ordering different flavours and the extra you get with them. Such a great way of trying out the different gins


  318. Been a member since visiting the distillery. Fell in love with the Gins when we did the tasting. The four seasons are so different from each other and the navy strength so smooth.
    Highly recommended.

    Richard Swarbrick

  319. We have been a member since this subscription started and always look forward to the box arriving. They are always varied and are great value, the snacks and tonic are great quality and of course the gin is top notch. The recycling of the pouches is as simple as it gets. You can also very easily switch the type of gin you receive.

    I’ve had to contact the team a few times and they are always very helpful.

    Steven Cairney

  320. First time I have used the refill subscription, I was on site to by a pouch of Holly Grass (best vodka there is) and seen it. Amazing for the money, I have started my subscription as quarterly but will be changing as we love Rock Rose as early and always been a form favourite in our gin bar

    Mandy Cox

  321. Such a great idea! Great way to sample the different versions of Rock Rose. Each box is a lovely surprise xx

    Julie Nedley

  322. Love Rock Rose gin and the refill club is such good value. My favourite editions are spring, winter, and coastal citrus!

    Chloe Harley

  323. Amazing idea and so simple. Hubby gets quite excited every time a pouch is dispatched.

    Sarah Whenray

  324. Something to look forward to in the post every couple of months! I have changed gin frequently without any problem and have really enjoyed each one (Citrus Coastal is current favourite). Not only is the gin superb, the customer service is faultless – only once have I had a pouch damaged in transit and this was replaced immediately without fuss. Would highly recommend

    David A

  325. Great gin and service. We receive regular refill deliveries spaced apart to suit our usage, easy to change to another gin or to vodka or skip/cancel a delivery. The fun part of the refill service is seeing what snack or other surprise might be included. Plus, receiving a refill in a pouch that we simply return by putting it in a post box is convenient and means less bottles used. Lovely gin in different versions and a great refill service.


  326. Put simply, I love the gin, I love the vodka and I love the refill club subscription. It gives me the flexibility to make sure I’m topped up on my favourite drinks, alternating between the two, or even trying something a little different. And it’s so easy to pause it when I need to as well l. The eco pouch is just such a good idea and all the packaging is recyclable. The wee treats are always yummy too. Honestly have only good things to say!


  327. Where do I start!!By chance I found Rock Rose gin in its fine earthenware bottle on Bute! What a fabulous gin I found it to be and so when I came home looked it up and found the subscription.I gave it a go as you can stop and start when you want.The gin comes in its eco pouch with a couple of such interesting Spinach crisps, Scottish tablet and last month flower seeds which are growing happily in their pot.
    A lot of thought is put into these boxes along with Tonics and dried orange for your gin!
    No wonder it’s won awards!
    Oh and did I say the box the gin subscriptions comes in are so handy for posting or gifting items.
    So roll on the June when the next box will arrive in time for the first weekend!!

    And thanks for introducing us to so many interesting biscuits crisps chocolates etc

    Fiona Mortensen

  328. I signed up to the refill club when it started and have never been disappointed. After visiting the shop (and it is definitely worth a visit if you are in the far North East of Scotland or on holiday near there), and tasting the Gin and Vodka, and buying both, I knew that it was worth getting the refill. I love that you also send different treats to try, some of which I have continued to source and buy, and different tonics to try out.I also love the dried citrus slices to immerse in my drinks.

    Kathryn Lewis

  329. Have been subscribed for a few years now, and Rock Rose never disappoints. My maternal family is from near Caithness so the connection there is just a little added bonus! The gin is some of the best I’ve had, I love the stoneware bottle and refill pouches, and the snacks that get sent with my subscription are always at the very least interesting and new, and more often than not, completely delicious. Great job guys, keep up the good work!

    Wren Rawlings

  330. Just one word – FABULOUS. X Rock Rose really is the best. Love the sustainability aspect. What’s not to love!!


  331. Started as a treat to myself during lockdown but love the taste, variety & added extras in each box that I’ve kept it going!! Really look forward to the surprise each month!!


  332. I love this idea – it’s always really nice to get my refill delivery and the accompanying wee treats, and it’s so satisfying to be able to pop the pouch directly in the postbox. Great stuff


  333. I regularly holiday in the Highlands and each time I was north I would look to buy a bottle or two of Holy Grass Vodka – but it was becoming harder to buy in stores! By signing up to a regular order I no longer have the frustration of trying to source and buy from a small store who doesn’t have any in supply. By having the regular order I am able to get what I am looking for – plus a few wee treats which is always a nice surprise – and support a small(ish) business directly. I also love that the refill pouches are recyclable and you just pop them back in the post as they are. Love the whole concept – I am able to get the spirit that I like, straight to my door, supporting a Scottish business directly, recycling the packaging which helps the environment and getting a treat each time my delivery arrives. And I wouldn’t have signed up for this if I didn’t love the unique taste of Holy Grass vodka. What’s not to love?

    Jackie Stewart

  334. I’m sorry to see this Jane – I will be more than happy to pop a replacement in your next box for you. Claire

    Claire Murray

  335. Such a treat. Love that I can reuse the beautiful bottles by refilling them from the pouch and that this can be sent back for recycling.

    Clare Crawford

  336. A very fine gin. I’ve been involved in a gin company myself in the past and Rock Rose Navy Strength is up there with the best.


  337. Unfortunately one of the tonic glass bottles broke in transit,not too well packaged

    Jane Broome

  338. Fantastic subscription service. Can amend easily, and the gin is amazing. Love the refill packs and great idea just to pop them in the post box, no hassle!! Great service. Would recommend!!


  339. Just love receiving this automatically every two months and was even able to send student daughter back to uni with a pouch as a treat – easily packed better than a heavy bottle

    Jan Lennie

  340. I just love my regular refill order. I’m like a kid in a candy shop … opening the box to see what goodies are inside!

    Marion Gallon

  341. I love my subscription, I regularly
    Change my
    Choice of gin ( spring and autumn are my personal favourites) and the treats that come with it are always lovely.


  342. Love the products and the service offered, great to have quality gin available when friends call ❤️

    Jill Mitchell

  343. Great idea and good value if you love gin. Easy to amend if you want to. Look forward to my delivery every month especially the treats.

    Carole Gould

  344. I always look forward to getting my gin through the post. Love that theboakcaging in recyclable too.

    Abby Forrest

  345. I took out a subscription to the Refill Rewards Club purely because I love the flavour and I can’t buy Rock Rose locally.
    I don’t drink huge amounts, so the option to have a bi-monthly subscription is welcome.
    I love the pouch that the refill is delivered in, it’s design makes it very easy to decant into my bottle. The inclusion of a few extra treats is always welcome, especially the mixers, but I don’t always enjoy the taste of the ‘crisps’.
    The eco friendly packaging is to be applauded. The box and packaging are recyclable, but we generally keep ours to reuse ours when selling items on eBay.
    Being able to return the used pouch by popping it into the post box is genius, but I bet it gives posties a surprises!
    In summary, I keep my subscription rolling as I love the flavour of Rock Rose, the price is good, the packaging is eco-friendly and the extras are a good way of trying something new.

    Tony Culshaw

  346. Love the “treats”, always a little surprise!

    Anne Wells

  347. I really appreciate how you can amend your subscription to switch between choice of drinks and also to change frequency. The website is user friendly too. Thank you! 🙂

    Jane Alcorn

  348. Refill pouch is a great idea. We find it hard to buy Rock Rose gin in shops so getting it delivered is a bonus. The wee extras are exciting to open each time. Always enjoy sampling the local products. It’s good we can change the gin flavour too. Pouches are lightweight for travelling in our caravan. Overall a great purchase and saves on recycling too.

    Elizabeth Ritchie

  349. Love our Bi monthly Gin treat. We discovered Dunnet Bay Distillery whilst travelling the NC 500 in 2016. Each box contains extra treats provided by a small businesses sweet or savoury. We particularly like the packaging that can be recycled plus the closed loop return for each pouch when finished.


  350. Love the refill club, especially how easy it is to swop between different refill pouches. The wee extras are a great way of trying new products! I can’t sing it’s praises enough

    Rachel Greaves

  351. The Bordeaux red cask gin is superb

    Robert Walker

  352. As usual, definitely made my day. New limited edition bottle to add to my others. What could possibly be more rewarding than a Rock Rose gin that had matured in a red wine barrel for a year. Couldn’t really taste any wine in the flavour but it did have a lovely fruity taste.

    Amanda Garnett

  353. Great quality gin, the citrus notes are perfect for me. Amazing packaging that is good for the planet.
    Cute surprise gifts from time to time all from ethical companies, good for the planet and a fabulous experience. Highly recommended


  354. Excellent service as usual but love the little ‘freebies’ in the box. This has made me purchase a number of them as they compliment the drink. Loved the oak casket Bordeaux gin- credit to you all.

    Knott Shaun

  355. Ah I am sorry to hear that Ann-Marie, we shall send a replacement in your next box! Claire

    Claire Murray

  356. I love the little surprise you get with each refil. The ability to recycle your pouch is a plus and of course the Gin is just fab with lots of other ones to choose from when you fancy a change


  357. I would like to thank the staff at the distillery for being so helpful and for their flexibility . Having noticed that I hadn’t changed my order I phoned the distillery and even though the parcels were ready for posting, they unpacked and changed my gin. It’s coming with us to Spain …….happy girls


  358. Really glad to have found the monthly refill subscription. Such a great idea to have refill pouches that we can post back to you! We tell all our friends we are helping save the planet by drinking your gin!! Love the different seasonal flavours which mean you move through the year with changing gin as the weather changes. Fits in so well.

    Maggie Gairdner

  359. Delicious vodka, smooth on the palate with a long complex taste. Eco packaged mindfully and ingenious posting back of the refill pouch. Sometimes the ‘goodies’ are slightly left of field, but always a joy and fun to receive.


  360. Great way to drink gin and feel virtuous about recycling the pouches. I love how there is always a surprise in the box along with the gin and garnish. It’s also great how you can change which variety you get as often as you like.

    Tracey Haigh

  361. Great idea- and really well executed.

    Better value than buying a new bottle and the extras are really good fun. Looking forward to sowing the seeds.

    Helen Draper

  362. Love my subscription boxes. The gifts received are fantastic & I like the different items each time. Recommended to a number of gin loving friends to sign up.

    Kirsten Milne

  363. I absolutely love being a member of the refill rewards club. I particularly like all of the local Scottish products that come with it, always pleasantly surprised. Such a great feature that you can chop and change which gin you would like with every order, fantastic service!

    Lori Mac

  364. All of the pouches are excellent, good value, and we have discovered an added bonus that the pouches travel internationally very well, easier than glasss for holiday drinking! Love the fact we can change every season as well. Thank you.

    Ian Williams

  365. Always enjoy receiving my Rock Rose refills and love the fact that all the packaging is recyclable. The tablet popcorn is fab, will definitely be buying more of that, and the wildflower seeds are already planted. Looking forward to seeing what comes up.

    I like that you promote products made by small Scottish businesses and I’ve reordered some of the lovely things I’ve found inside previous refill boxes.

    Jeanette Stafford

  366. Love receiving my Rewards parcel , it’s a wonderful suprise every time to unwrap and see what treats are in the box along with the best tasting Gin

    Jayne Bavin

  367. Cannot beleive that it is a year since I started receiving my refill pouches. Amazing birthday present and whilst I know I can swap to another spirit the Holy Grass Vodka is just too amazing!! Everyone loves it, including my mum who only drinks gin usually. Amazing product,love the surprises and best of all everything is carefully and locally sourced. Thank you for this amazing quality product. Vodka out there!!

    Michelle Lawson

  368. I do love my refill rewards club – such a treat. Loved the seeds gift this month but unfortunately my popcorn bag had split open all over the box so not able to give that a try hence the 4 stars but everything else is great

    Ann-Marie Hyslop

  369. Love being able to change refill pouches monthly and the wee treats in each box. We’ve been able to try a range of gins, all with the sustainable closed loop packaging. Can’t recommend it enough ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


  370. Having family hailing from just by Dunnet Bay, we couldn’t resist trying the gin. We were absolutely hooked. Being able to refill the beautiful bottles makes everything so easy and the wee box is a monthly present and a joy


  371. Absolutely brilliant! Can’t complain about gin being delivered to your doorstep every month! Plus all the additional locally sourced gifts make it even better. Absolutely love my subscription box.


  372. Absolutely delighted with our first arrival of your wonderful gin and the little extras were a fantastic surprise. Looking forward to a long association with your company

    Philip Sackfield

  373. I absolutely love my refill club boxes – it’s like a little gift to myself every month 🙂 This morning, the 1st of the month, I arrived at the distillery to pick up my box. Yes, possibly looking desperate as I’ve run out of the Spring edition, but I don’t care! 😀 The staff were absolutely brilliant – clearly very busy and made up my box on the spot. Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to sampling the toffee popcorn and I absolutely LOVE the wee sachet of wildflower seeds – what a fab idea to include, and all the better for being in a locally made recycled grass paper sachet. Nice one 🙂 So it’s now the afternoon… surely gin o’clock by now? 😉

    Jane Alcorn

  374. I’m really glad I rejoined the Refill rewards nice surprises in every box every month I have to say, Holy Grass is the only vodka I drink now every sip I take I say to myself that is so good top marks from me to you

    Matthew Cree Brown Stenhouse

  375. We discovered Rock Rose Gin in 2016 when we were driving the NC 500. We called in to the distillery to buy a bottle or 2. I had been given the navy strength gin to try at The Tongue Hotel and loved it.
    The extras and treats that come with each pouch are special and from small producers. The closed loop recycle scheme is brilliant. More businesses should be doing more to recycle their own packaging. A great example being set by Dunnet Bay Distillery.
    Loved that wine my stopper broke from my ceramic bottle Claire sent me a new one.
    Thank you guys for a lovely and special treat every 2 months.

    John and Sue Pickles

  376. Im glad I joined refill rewards club, you get a lovely surprise in every box . I look forward to receiving it. It’s cheaper than buying the bottle and I decant it into and old Rock Rose bottle,saving the planet at the same time. Great idea to post the bag back to them free of charge to recycle. Highly recommended

    Jacqueline Milne

  377. Rock rose has to be said is my favourite gin, spring being my go to at the moment.


  378. I visited the distillery early in May 2018 while trundling very slowly round the NC500 in my campervan and had a tour and tasting all to myself! I then bought some delicious Holy Grass vodka and later a bottle of Rock Rose gin. When I saw them at an RHS flower show a few months later I was able to convince other family members! Best vodka I’ve ever had and gin that has converted me from supermarket own brands.
    Since the membership was started I’ve been able to alternate Holy Grass with different Rock Rose flavours, and the accompaniments for drinks, special treats and recipes. Highly recommended


  379. Started my membership after staying in the hotel by the distillery. Found Rock Rose and loved it. Have tried most but still prefer the original. Started with 2 monthly membership but quickly changed to monthly when friends developed a taste for it. Love the monthly treats and that we can send the pouch back for recycling without any hassle.
    Thank you


  380. The Dunnet Bay Rock Rose box has become a high point of the month for us. Each box represents, with it’s well selected attendant batch of goodies, a regular treat. The gin is smooth and tastes fab. The ability to vary your choice of gin pouch is inspired. During one month one of our boxes went astray via Edinburgh and Claire could not have been more helpful in locating and replacing this. Top service!

    Fenella Whittle

  381. Absolutely love Rock Rose gin! It’s distinctive flavour is one of my favourites and I love how you can send the pouch back for recycling too.
    Looking forward to working my way through the seasons!


  382. I discovered Rock Rose gin at a Caithness hotel, as part of a ‘tasting’ session and I haven’t looked back since then, and that was 3yrs ago! I love the ‘RR Original’ as my weekend tipple, but I love how the Club gives you the flexibility to change the gin you receive, or the frequency if you wish.
    It really is my monthly ‘mummy treat’, with the surprise snacks inside and creating the recommended cocktails. And on top of that – the customer service is flawless! You really are treated as an individual if you need to speak to them for anything.

    Highly recommend it – an investment for yourself!


  383. We visited Dunnet Bay when on the North Coast 500 a few years ago (from Surrey) and had a great time tasting the gin which is delicious. Have bought a meerkat of bottles and signed up for the refills. The customer service is excellent, my last delivery was damaged in the post and, although I had enough for a taster and was able to enjoy the treats, Clare sent a replacement immediately with more treats! I would recommend the North Coast 500 if only to visit Dunnet Bay!!

    Helen Cross

  384. I would agree with other reviews, as a lover of all the Rock Rose gins whenever I have needed to get in touch the response has been brilliant, and to know a refill will land on the doormat with a regularity of my choosing is just great. Thanks to all the team.


  385. I have loved Rock Rose for quite a few years now and now to know that one will drop through my door every so often is just a bonus. Love the little treats you get with it too and nice to discover home grown talent too. All in all a lovely box of delights that brightens your day.

    Louise Moir

  386. With Rock Rose, it was quite simply love at first sip! The gin is delicious, with rounded, complex flavours , and of course since then we have gradually discovered the four seasonal editions, each of which is distinctive and so enjoyable.

    The refill pouches are an amazing idea, and definitely a conversation point with neighbours on our way to the post box (as well as avoiding embarrassing numbers of bottles in the recycling)! We were delighted when these extended beyond the original version, and topping up those beautiful ceramic bottles is definitely one of the simple pleasures in life.

    The Artist’s Edition was absolutely wonderful, both as gin and as a bottle (featuring the inimitable Mr Mackintosh of course!) We really look forward to similar delights in the future…..

    The service from Rock Rose is exceptional: I was stunned when Clare responded to a Sunday email when I was struggling to make the bottle into a soap dispenser, and Martin called me to check when I accidentally submitted an order twice. Very much above and beyond….

    And then there’s the gin club: what a fabulous idea! We thoroughly enjoy opening the eagerly awaited parcel and appreciate the delicious treats included each time. We have recommended Rock Rose far and wide, enthusing about the gin and the service, and will continue to do so. We look forward to making the journey from Kent to Dunnet Bay when we are able to do so.

    Linda Wybar

  387. No need for fancy reviews, its one of the best Gins you will ever experience.

    Alba gu bràth

    Ross Arnold

  388. I love rock rose gins. First came across them at Hampton Court flower show a few years ago and been a fan ever since. I’ve got friends now ordering and loving the gin as well. I recently joined the rewards club and loving the boxes when they arrive – beautifully packaged and surprises inside. Seriously thinking of upping my order to every month!

    Joyce Roberts

  389. Rock Rose is by far my favourite gin and I was thrilled to learn of the Refill Rewards Club. It’s great to be in a gin club where I know I’ll enjoy the gin in every box! With the added bonus of doing my bit for the environment with every purchase, its a win win.

    Melanie Cook

  390. Loved our first refil box. Some great extras to liven up the G&T and branch out into cocktail territory – syrup, bitters and mixers. Love the reduced waste and I’ve posted the refill back to Rock rose for recycling

    Michael Crawford

  391. I first visited the Distillery when my wife and I were on a tour around Scotland last summer, in between lockdowns! Really enjoyed the shop and chat unfortunately couldn’t have a tour but we bought a couple of “seasons” to take home. Having really liked the gins I signed up for the Refill Club, the pouches are a tremendous idea and have now tried all the guns with the exception of Spring. Will be ordering soon. The refill club packs are great giving you some good ideas and little extras. Love it

    Mike Harrison

  392. I have been enjoying Rock Rose from day 1. I love it, it is my top gin and its local. I have sampled all their “seasons” and various other tasty bottles of the gin over the last few years. I’ve bought their glasses for gifts and myself. The distillery tasting is a great experience and would recommend it.

    However, 2020 and plans to revisit… didn’t happen with lockdown, so I decided to sign up for the refills .. something to look forward to.

    The box refills… what a treat, my first one, just in time for the birthday as well. With hubby away, student girl away, other bairn working shifts (he will always be my bairn, even though he is in early 20’s), I was looking at a quiet dull birthday – seeing parties, visits etc banned, the quietest birthday I think I have ever had.

    But low and behold, tah dah – delivery of my first box in November. And it was a treat, the puff candy… everything. I had a much better birthday than I expected.

    And now, looking forward to my next delivery in February.

    And looking forward to when I can next nip out to the Distillery.

    Joanna Coghill

  393. First of all, the gin is spectacular, and because of its seasonal offerings, there’s always a good variety to keep it interesting. I’m in love with the refill pouches because they get reused and nothing goes to waste — one can drink contently without feeling guilty about the carbon footprint. The gifts in the monthly box are always such pleasant surprises, and I’ve been introduced to different brands of tonics and shortbreads and snacks that I’ve since re-ordered from. I’m in love with this scheme, and have definitely told more than a few friends about this!

    Weidong Lin

  394. We first discovered Rock Rose on a visit to Edinburgh for Hogmanay 2018. Since then we have sampled all 4 seasons and the Mey Selection gins. The boxes are excellent with lots of interesting wee treats inside. As a Caithness exile it’s really great to be able to support an artisan producer from my home county.

    John Johnstone

  395. Dunnet Bay has been my favourite gin for so long! The refill service suits me to the ground! I love how I can change the gin I receive in each box too. Plus, what lovely treats I get too! My favourite gin turned into my favourite treat! Thankyou so much!!! Cheers to you all

    Denise Luke

  396. I love the idea of being able to refill the bottle and then recycle the pouch. It’s also great that you can change your order each time and try out all the different gins. And the garnishes, tonic and snacks are always a lovely surprise!

    Susan Hogg

  397. Receiving my Rock Rose refill box is the highlight of my month! It is beautifully packaged and would make a fantastic gift.
    The gin is excellent and it’s easy to change your order between boxes (I’m changing mine with the seasons). The refill pouches are easy to use and return.
    The mixers, garnishes and treats are well considered and of the highest quality. I love that they are sourced from local suppliers too.
    It always brings a smile to my face 🙂

    Moira Malcolm

  398. I was gifted my first Rock Rose gin and the beautiful ceramic container stayed with me for years. When I found I could refill and reuse it I jumped at the chance. I love the complimentary snacks and garnishes, such treats. The Gin is very well worth it, the Old Tom is my favourite, but I have a new one on the way in February. The customer service is very helpful and helped me when I found I was unexpectedly out of town for my delivery date. I love that the refill bags are also recycled via post. The refill process is very easy and I did not spill a drop.

    Maureen Stonehouse

  399. Love your Gin parcels. The varied contents remind me of when my parents lived nearby and we visited them regularly. I found your distillery on a trip down memory lane. Also love the recyclable nature of your refill pouches – such a clever idea.
    Please keep them coming.
    Thank you

    Christine Mills

  400. We found out about Dunnet Bay when we got one of their bottles in out craft gin box. Loved it so much I decided to buy from them again and then found out about their membership too. We have signed up for the quarterly subscription and really loved our first selection. I love the fact that you save money, save the planet by getting it in a completely returnable pouch and get try try lots of great products. The gin is absolutely amazing and am really looking forward to trying more of their spirits!

    Fiona Dalu-Chandu

  401. I am always drawn to anything from my home county (even though I left 40 years ago!). I just love everything about this business – they have got it so right, and of course the gin is the best. Working my way through all of them but currently stuck on Winter, I love it. Getting the monthly box is sooooo exciting!!


  402. I discovered Rock Rose via the Craft Gin Club. It was a special edition and was my absolute favourite gin, so I tried their Summer edition and wow! It’s now my go to. I’m a refill club member and am trying out their signature at the moment- sublime! It’s such good value for money and the added extras are tasty too. Looking forward to trying their other editions.

    Rebecca Jones

  403. I know it’s called the refill rewards club but I love it, it’s a way of trying a different gin every month ,lovely little extras like chocolate,whisky nuts ,honey comb and tonics.
    I change mine every month to try them all and then I can buy all the bottles once and keep changing my monthly selection still receiving all the extra treats.
    Good work Rock Rose Gin keep it up,and I look forward to your special releases.

    Simon Wells-Moore

  404. I eagerly await my refill rewards club delivery every time! I visited Dunnet Bay Distillers in October 2020 whilst travelling the NC500 route. I have recently started enjoying a greater variety of gin and can honestly say Rock Rose Gin is the smoothest gin I have ever tried. The silky smoothness alongside the amazing flavour (over a wide variety) makes for a most enjoyable drink!

    I love receiving all the thoughtful and specially sourced accompaniments within the rewards club box which never disappoint! I’ve been converted to a Rock Rose gin lover! The rewards club is a great value for money and gives you the freedom to explore different flavours and have control over your subscription with ease. I would hand on heart recommend this to everyone!

    Louise Haffie

  405. Just finished my January rock rose gin I’m enjoying trying different mixers with my Gin I’m very happy I joined the Refill Rewards Club I look forward to my refill with eager anticipation each month during these trying times I hope to visit the distillery in the summer once we get back to some kind of normality thank you for making an oldish man very happy

    Matthew Stenhouse

  406. When I received my first rewards club delivery in October it felt as if Christmas had come early! There were lots of exciting goodies to try, all of them good. Not only is it exciting when each delivery arrives, but you feel great because you’re recycling the pouch and that’s so easy to do as you just pop it in the post. Genius. Also the club is so flexible, you can switch the type of pouch you get each time if you want. What’s not to love?

    Jayne Ward

  407. As a lover of Rock Rose Gins it made perfect sense to join the refill membership and boy was I over the moon when I opended my first box, lovely goodies as well as great gin. Its a brilliant idea by Martin and Claire, shares gin love, looks after the planet and I can change from one gin to another, I bet those returns make the post people smile too.


  408. Refill pouches by themselves are a great idea- recycle your bottles of a favourite gin or vodka, and even the pouch is recycled for free. But with the rewards club, you not only get the chance to revisit those you have enjoyed before, but can try any of the core tipples from Dunnet Bay, changing them if and when you desire, at a frequency of your own choosing.

    Furthermore, the additional treats can be a real eye-opener, ranging from snacks made by other small, quality producers through to the makings of a lovely cocktail.

    Many will start with a quarterly subscription, but a monthly subscription will often quickly become to right choice.



  409. Best subscription I’ve ever done!!!!! I look forward receiving my box of goodies and I love that the refills can get posted straight back to the distillery. Rock Rose Gin is my absolute favourite I would also highly recommend the Gin tasting session the staff ars very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. Well done Rock Rose Team x

    Jillian Montgomery

  410. The box each month is amazing and I love that I can change which gin I receive any time I like. Best £30 I spend each month. Highly recommended and the staff are simply amazing and super helpful.

    Toni Burrows

  411. I really look forward to my special treat each month. It’s good value for money too with the Gin and special treats too and the pouches are so easy to recycle – just pop in the post. Thank you very much for my lockdown treats.

    Elizabeth Brash

  412. What a great way to enjoy our favourite gin …… by post. Its a good way to recycle empty bottles using the refill pouches. We are new members and loved receiving our 1st bottle with all the extra surprises. Can’t wait for our next delivery.

    Elizabeth Ritchie

  413. I discovered Holy Grass Vodka when we stopped at the distillery on our way round the Route 500 and bought a bottle, must say what a superior vodka it is with an exquisite taste. On arrival home after finishing the bottle i went onto the website to buy another bottle and there I found you could join the club to get a bottle delivered in a reusable pouch every month. What a fantastic find, look forward to my delivery each month with all the added little surprises you get. Best £30 I spend each month.

    jackie bailey

  414. I was introduced to Rock Rose through being a member of a different (more expensive!) gin club. I received the citrus coastal edition and was absolutely blown away, not only by the unique, beautiful flavours but also by the stunning bottle.

    After trying the first bottle, I purchased the original Rock Rose which was also stunning. I then found out that Rock Rose fo their own membership with recyclable pouches and amazing treats. After receiving my first box I cancelled the other club membership as no other gins have met up to the standard of Rock Rose! So far the winter edition is our favourite, but excited to try the spring and summer too.
    I would thoroughly recommend Rock Rose, particularly their wonderful membership deal!

    Rebecca Rogers

  415. Love getting our gin and goodies every 2 months, it’s a lovely surprise, we’ve had homemade crisps, shortbread and tonics. I changed the flavours of gin too, looking forward to trying them all.

    Caroline McKessick

  416. FANTASTIC! I really look forward to this special treat each month. It’s such amazing value for money too as the gin alone is around the price of the box so it’s a no brainier to become a member! Thank you so much for supplying us with some lockdown treats to look forward to!

    Avril Farquhar

  417. I get so excited for this box each month, its great value for the gin alone. The box usually contains tonic, these are often brands or flavours ive never tried.

    The extra snacks are where the magic is, great products from local Scottish companies.

    The free garnish is the cherry on top (no actual cherry).

    Overall the box is a great way to enjoy rock rose, we usually follow the seasons. Its also an opportunity to support local and try brands you have never tried.

    Steven Cairney

  418. We were introduced to Rock Rose several years ago and it has been our “go to” Gin ever since. The rewards club is such a great idea, we look forward to our refill with enthusiasm and love that we can change which one we want on each occasion. The closed loop recycling of the packaging is also a brilliant idea. We love the surprise goodies that come with each package.

    John Abbott

  419. Love the idea of an environmentally friendly way to receive our gin. It goes directly into our decanter upon arrival. Receiving our favourite beverage refill with specially selected snacks is the best! Thank you!


  420. Rockrose is one of my favourite gins and to be able to have a refill pack delivered to my home is such a wonderful idea. So pleased to be able to support Rockrose distillery, I was fortunate enough to visit them at Dunnet Head when they first opened.

    Margaret McMillan

  421. Have been a fan of Rock Rose from the beginning and have been delighted to see them grow so substantially over the years.
    The new rewards club has been great so we don’t need to worry about having to re-order. The wee surprise items in the delivery are a very welcome addition and look forward to finding out what will be in the next delivery.It make us feel our support is appreciated.
    Congratulations to you and wish you every success in the future.

    Annette Fraser

  422. I love the whole concept and sustainability of the Rock Rose gin subscription. It’s flexible depending on how frequently you want to receive your package and it contains goodies to go with your gin. I had the Winter Edition last time and it’s a lovely earthy gin, perfect with just tonic and a slice of lemon or added to a fancy cocktail. Excited to see what my next package brings!

    Susan Hall

  423. A lovely way to try the different delicious gins, a real treat especially with the extras which are always a welcome opportunity to try exciting different products.

    Michael Waters

  424. Fantastic Gin and such a treat to receive the refill pouch together with the other goodies that accompany it.

    Brilliant service, great packaging, lovely people to deal with, and so easy!

    Ian Palmer

  425. Simply Exceptional. Holy Grass is my very favourite Vodka and I’ve tried a few over the years. This along with the personal touch from the team at Dunnet makes for an excellent product and experience. Really like the refill rewards club takes the worry out of running out.

    Nick Ridler

  426. Absolutely love my Rock Rose club membership. Fantastic value, amazing gin and tasty local treats (particularly the Caithness Chocolates), all packaged beautifully – its a special wee treat for me to look forward to!
    Well done guys, keep up the good work!

    Yvonne Simpson

  427. The arrival of that glossy white box always puts a smile on my face as I know that Claire and Martin, and their whole team, will have put as much thought into what goes with the gin as they do for the gin itself. It is a like wee pressie to yourself as you open it up and peer through the bubble wrap to see what goodies are inside. The bonus is that you know it will be a responsibly sourced and renewable and recyclable as the Rock Rose team can possibly make it. Think you like gin? Get this membership and you will see how you should love gin.

    Aileen Wallace

  428. We love Rock Rose Gin and jumped at the chance to have a regular refill delivered to us. Not only do you get the gin but a lovely box full of ingredients to make a delicious drink with your gin! It’s nice to try new flavours with the gin. The chance to support UK business is great too.

    Melanie Aylung

  429. Receiving a regular delivery from Dunnet Bay is a delightful way to get through lockdown. It’s a brilliant way to not only receive a regular gin pack but the cocktail ideas and gifts really brighten up my day. Thank you

    Lynne Ohara

  430. I love the Rock Rose Gin and the Holy Grass Vodka (especially with lemonade) and therefore signed up for the subscription to make sure that I always have a good supply !!!. Very happy with the service as it arrives timely and is well packaged to avoid any unwanted breakages. Also, very impressed with the bundle of freebies that come with each delivery. As it is easy to change the order each time I plan to work my way through the entire collection….

    David Broom

  431. Fabulous gin, fabulous concept! It’s such a good idea sending out pouches to refill that beautiful bottle and it’s so easy just to pop them in the post. I’ve tried the original, the Autumn edition and the Winter edition so far – all are absolutely delicious. And I love receiving my box and finding out what wee surprises are inside. Customer service is also brilliant, always so friendly in their communication. Would wholeheartedly recommend.


  432. I love being part of this Refill group! I appreciate the recycling aspect of the programme, but to be honest it’s all about the gin and the goodies.
    Each month I like to switch my gin flavour and can’t wait to see what treats you have packed from your other wonderful suppliers.
    Well done to all the team who make this possible!

    Frances Sutherland

  433. I’m signed up for the bi monthly box and it’s the best subscription box I’ve ever had. I’ve had an original in the stunning ceramic bottle and then two of the limited edition Gins spring and then winter. Just a fantastic Gin plus the garnishes, tonics and a little treat from a fabulous local company. Love love love.

    Amy McQ

  434. Love Rock Rose, used to be our treat gin, but the gin club means that we can have our favourite tipple more often.

    The club also means that we are being introduced to other wonderful companies in Scotland and now place orders with the Tartan Tablet company and Caithness Chocolate!

    Claire and Martin are lovely and always reply promptly to any queries, also love following them on Instagram and seeing what Mr. Macintosh and the Dunnet Bay team are up to.


  435. I discovered Rock Rose Gin in August 2020 through Craft Gin Club.
    It’s been a totally fabulous revelation.
    Apart from loving all 11 of their gins I have tried, the monthly refil pouch club is a must, change your refill selection as often as you like and it will arrive with free mixers and nibbles, perfect.
    The Grapefruit Old Tom is a particular favourite as well as the special edition “Citrus Coastal” developed for Craft Gin Club Members.
    Highly Recommend ‼️❤️

    Karen Ward-Batty

  436. What an amazing idea and have enjoyed a surprise every month and never disappointed. Swapped to monthly in December as I realised that bi monthly would not support the adult family during the period of lockdown and this was my go to choice of Gin. The refill is such a great idea for saving throwing away your bottle or pouch. I have just loved the treats from making a cocktail to enjoying delectable chocolate for me and the savoury nibbles for my husband. The friendly family updates to all the communications makes you feel very welcome as a customer. When we get back to travel I will be making a trip to the visit your team.

    sue gibson

  437. What is not to like – refill gin delivered to your door with a bunch of treats in an environmentally friendly way.
    We accidentally stumbled across Rock Rose Gin in Fortnum & Mason and very quickly become extremely fond of the gin. As soon as the Refill Rewards Club launched we signed up straight away and have not looked back since. Once we are allowed to socialise again friends at home, we will definitely have to increase the frequency.
    The story of Claire, Martin, Mr Mackintosh and the extended team is just so lovely as well.
    Looking forward to our next pouch and goodies!

    Phil Muller

  438. Been a fan of RockRose since day1. The quality and service is second to none. I always recommend RockRose to all my friends/family and colleagues who love gin and vodka.

    Lynsay MacDonald

  439. After visiting the distillery “doing” the NC500, this was our first box. The Winter gin was as fantastic as all the others we have tried (quite a few!), and it is all so easy, even popping the pouch in the post box on our lockdown exercise walk. We are looking forward to “Spring”

    Ian Williams

  440. Well we cannot visit the distillery just now, so the wee boxes that arrive with all sorts of goodies and treats to accompany the pouch of gin are very much the next best thing. I love that the pouches are recyclable, empty into the ceramic bottle, give a quick scoosh under the tap, replace the cap and pop into the post box. Excellent! The December box was exceptionally lovely. My nephew loved the wee chocolate dog and the lemon was so fragrant, it scented the whole kitchen.

    Once we can move around again, I am looking forward to touring the distillery for mysekf. Until then, keep safe and keep making that delcious gin!

    Sally Wilkins

  441. Fell in love with Holy Grass Vodka the first time I tried it. With Dunnet Bay’s gift boxes, I not only don’t worry about running out I also get some fabulous goodies with each order. Includes inspiration for cocktails, and supporting local suppliers who I wouldn’t have heard about. Love the scheme from all angles – keep up the good work 🙂

    Jacquie Silvester

  442. I have a bi-monthly subscription and love the concept. It’s great for the environment and for keeping my gin selection topped up. The surprise element of what will come with the box is always great too – cannot recommend enough!

    Mairi MacDonald

  443. Absolutely love my refill reward subscription, pouch of my choice plus tonics and garnish plus a snack and treat too. Really easy to change too when you want a different pouch. Such a good idea and eco friendly too. I am on superfan membership and look forward to receiving it every month.


  444. What can I say ?
    The Gin is excellent, and if you like excellent Gin the Refill Rewards Club is a complete no-brainer – for the same price of a refill pouch you get the pouch, a couple of mixers, garnishes, some other snacks and goodies and free delivery – Why wouldn’t you ?
    I subscribed before Christmas and thought the Summer Gin would give me a lift during winter and lockdown – this was a Good Idea !
    For my next box I’ve switched to the Spring Edition – hopefully it’ll give a lift to my springtime seed sowing.
    On the snacks front – praise is due to whoever decided I needed a packet of Broccoli and Chilli crisps – I had no idea such a thing existed or that I’d enjoy them so much – a stroke of genius.
    In conclusion – With Refill Rewards Club you get Great Gins delivered to your door at a price that beats other subscriptions out of sight – Do It !

    Alan Hawkins

  445. I’ve been a member for 2 quarterly sipper packages and am always excited and delighted with the thought going into the “goodies” that are in the package with my chosen spirit – going to change to Spring edition for my delivery of Rock Rose in March!

    elizabeth Gammack

  446. My first bimonthly box was such a treat! Everything wrapped, fantastic quality and very much a luxury treat. Rock Rose gin is my favourite tipple and I’m now waiting to see what suprise will be in my next box!

    Katey Lambert

  447. I was a fan of Rock rose gin already, and particularly of the refill pouches which are so easy to recycle, so was delighted to take out a subscription.
    As well as the gin I really enjoy the extra surprises, different tonics that I hadn’t previously been aware of, and lovely savoury and sweet snacks.


  448. My first refill arrived on time complete with salty snacks and really interesting tonic. Manfully making my way through it all and looking forward to next quarter already. Great service!

    Iain Mackay

  449. What a wonderful find we were on our 30th wedding anniversary travelling the NC500 and discovered this family business and had a fab morning tasting the gins & viewing the distillery. You can’t imagine my excitement when I discovered the gin club and that every 2 months I receive a wonderful taste of Scotland delivered to my door the package not only contains the refil of my choice but lots of local tasties too. It is easy to set up and I like to change my refil each delivery from their seasonal ranges made with local botanicals so I get a different gin each delivery and the magic of that wonderful holiday continues

    Helen Kirkman

  450. Only had one box and I’m only a sipper but its such a treat. Love being able to chose what gin I get depending on time of year and what i’ve enjoyed. Fab that the pouch is fully recyclable too.

    Joanne Ash

  451. Great to be building up a selection of gins from my favourite gin distillery. The sustainable ethos is great and the tonic, garnishes and treats that go along with it make it really superb value too along with the lack of postage. It’s also great to get the advance notice of bottles such as ‘Lassies Toast’.

    Edward Friday

  452. Always a delight to get through the post. Refilling the lovely bottle every now and then (have adjusted timings several times) – which is saving the planet little bit each time. Plus able to switch gins when the mood takes is amazing.
    The little treats are just that little extra that goes to make an overall great experience.
    Really recommend. Its like a mini-christmas in our house every month / other month!
    Thank you everyone at DBD !


  453. Eagerly awaiting my second delivery love the surprises that come along with the order – and fantastic that the punches can be recycled !

    Audrey Gibson

  454. I love Rock Rose . To me this is probably the finest gin in the Uk – especially the Navy strength. I once travelled from my home in South Yorkshire to the distillery just to buy a bottle as at that time I couldn’t get it. This subscription club is brilliant. The pouches travel nicely in luggage too. Recyclable pouches is fabulous . Love it thank you

    Heather Kerr

  455. I have been a big fan of Rock Rose for many years and the subscription option is a lovely way to regularly enjoy a new treat. The pouches are a superbly innovative idea and this is a great way to get one regularly with the treats of garnish and goodies! highly recommend


  456. A real treat and a highlight of the month. The extras mini hamper always yields happy surprises and with nowhere to go at the moment, its possible to have our own cocktails, thanks to you! Do provide a suppliers list and then we can order replenishments of the yummy treats.


  457. I love getting my refill box. I’ve changed my subscription a couple of times to receive different ones. I love the extras that you get, trying out new tonics or other drinks (including a rose wine in a tin, that came with a rhubarb syrup). I got a caramel chocolate lolly too once! The fact that you can just post the empty refill pouch without putting on a stamp or in an envelope. Would recommend to anyone who wants to reduce their packaging and in all honesty, the bottles are so lovely I never had the heart to throw mine away, so this is the perfect solution to me!

    Amanda Garnett

  458. Who thought that drinking gin could also help save the planet!! I was introduced to the gin last summer and because we love it so much we signed up for the monthly refills. They are such a welcome arrival each month and also great to receive the other treats and snacks too. The family loved the broccoli crisps so much I had to order a box in!! We have also tried the negroni at Christmas and the Toast to the Lassies for Burns Night. Couldn’t recommend enough!

    Maggie Gairdner

  459. What can I say such a lovely service and the gin vodka and accessories are just the best …..its soo personal to all of us ….got my schnauzer so had a special edition to celebrate

    Yvonne gallacher

  460. Superb subscription – always something great to look forward to. It’s brilliant how we can change the bottle each time, so we can rotate through the seasonal gins and maybe we will try some new ones!

    George & Katie MacDonald

  461. We absolutely love this gin. We have several bottles that we can refill and because you can change your subscription so easily, we can keep them all topped up!
    It’s so lovey to get the extra treats and garnish in the subscription when the price is so reasonable for the refill. It’s a gorgeous gin and the customer service is always above and beyond. I am so impressed and I will be a long time subscriber! Special mention to the closed loop packaging for the refills too, just such a great idea!

    Rachel Welch

  462. Really enjoying this, love the gin and the treats and different tonics take it to another level! Proud to support this business which delivers top quality all the time! The recycleable pouch is ingenious!


  463. What a lovely box to receive. I always look forward to receiving my next box. It’s really good value for money with the refill pouch, mixers, snacks, wee treats and postage all included. I have been an appreciator member since November and I have already received two boxes (1 refill pouch with Rock Rose Autumn Edition and the other one with the Winter Edition). I love the fact you can switch to a different pouch each time to try all the fantastic flavours. I can’t wait to receive the next one (I have selected the old tom pink grapefruit this time). I also love the fact the pouches can be recycled so easily and you get priority access to the new limited edition gins. I’d recommend this for any gin lover and if you can’t quite stretch to the monthly subscription (Superfan), you can have a box bi-monthly (Appreciator) or even quarterly (Sipper)!


  464. Have been a member for two months now, and have really enjoyed it! Love the fact that the pouches can be recycled so easily, and the extra treats are fantastic. What great value it is! Looking forward to trying all the different flavours.


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