Rock Rose Gin Refill Pouch

Our fabulous Rock Rose Gin in a handy pouch to refill your bottle.

Refill your collectable ceramic Rock Rose Gin bottle with one of our fully recyclable pouches. Then simply pop the pouch into a postbox with no stamp or envelope required and we will take care of the recycling!

We are proud to be the first gin available in fully recyclable pouches that can be returned to the distillery FREEPOST via standard Royal Mail.

41.5% Alc Vol. - 700ml


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(34 customer reviews)
Rock Rose Gin Original Edition Refill Pouch

Rock Rose Gin Refill Pouch

Our fabulous Rock Rose Gin in a handy pouch to refill your bottle.

Refill your collectable ceramic Rock Rose Gin bottle with one of our fully recyclable pouches. Then simply pop the pouch into a postbox with no stamp or envelope required and we will take care of the recycling!

We are proud to be the first gin available in fully recyclable pouches that can be returned to the distillery FREEPOST via standard Royal Mail.

41.5% Alc Vol. - 700ml


49 in stock

(34 customer reviews)

Rock Rose Gin


Dunnet Bay Distillers

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Join our Refill Subscription Service to get a fabulous box of goodies delivered to you every one, two or three months for £33 only!

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Rock Rose Gin

Tasting Notes


A delicate bouquet of rose, mixed with deeper cardamom and a touch of citrus.


Fruity berries merge with a floral nose to give a full-bodied, rounded gin. Bright notes ping as the juniper comes forward.


The sharpness of the sea buckthorn emerges, but once again is rounded off by berries and a juniper heart. Smooth sherbet lemon notes create a lingering finish.

Rock Rose is one of the finest Gins I have had the privilege of tasting, easily challenging the more established marques. Definitely worthy of the awards and recognition it has already received. Thank you for the experience…

Keith Byrom

Rock Rose Gin


San Francisco World Spirits Competition Bronze Medal label Top Award at Great Taste Awards 2015 label Scotland Food And Drink Excellence Awards label Best Product Award Runner Up label The Spirits Business Silver Medal IWSC 2016 Silver Packaging Award IWSC Silver Gin & Tonic Award IWSC Silver Gin Award Rock Rose Gin Navy Strength 5 Star Diffords Guide Gold Grocer Drink Award Gin label Britains Choice CoolBrands 2021 logo

Rock Rose Gin


  • Sea buckthorn

    Sea buckthorn is a silvery leafed shrub that grows along the coastline and produces clusters of vibrant orange berry-like fruit, soft, juicy and rich in oils. The fruit is highly celebrated for its high vitamin C content, around fifteen times more than an orange! We, however, use the berries for their taste – gorgeously fruity yet crisp.

  • Rhodiola rosea

    Rhodiola rosea is a plant that thrives in colder climes making it ideal for the fresh breezes of Caithness. We use the root of the plant which adds a delicate floral note to our gin. Over a thousand years ago, the Vikings would harvest wild exposed cliffs to gather Rhodiola rosea. This was thought to give them the extra strength to continue on their long arduous journeys.

  • Juniper Berries

    Juniper is the predominant botanical – otherwise it just wouldn’t be gin! We select our juniper from two different countries. Both junipers are subjected to a vapour infusion process and the Bulgarian juniper gives lemon sherbert notes, whilst the Italian juniper gives a real warmth and depth to the flavour of the gin.

Rock Rose Gin

Perfect Serve

Rock Rose Gin Perfect Serve in a coupe glass


  • Pour 50ml Rock Rose Gin into one of our beautiful gin glasses
  • Toast a sprig of rosemary to use a garnish.
  • Claire's

  • In one of our gorgeous gin glasses add 25ml Rock Rose Gin and around 75ml tonic.
  • Garnish with a curl of orange to bring out the sweeter notes!

Rock Rose Gin Refill Pouch


  1. One of my wife’s favourite Gins. Love the bottle design and the refill option is a brilliant idea.


  2. Besides the gin which is delicious, the other winner is the ceramic bottle and the unique opportunity to refill at ‘will!’
    Whilst other gin flavours and bottle style come and go Dunnet Bay Original Gin stays the test of time.
    Am excited to try the pink grapefruit version.
    Both great additions to my summer gin evenings alongside homemade quince and strawberry and lavender gins.

    Pauline Kilburn

  3. Rock Rose is probably our favourite Gin – The fact that they employ such an innovative way to resupply and keep the bottle means that probably gets replaced with IS … Other suppliers should take note – A Great Idea & A Fantastic Gin …



  4. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a taste of Scotland on the day. Nothing tastes better than this amazing gin from Dunnet Bay. Rock Rose gin’s botanicals taste like none other best gin we have ever bought.

    Helen Kirkman

  5. Refill pack is the perfect size, easy to replenish my empty bottle. Will definitely order more

    Isobel Slaughter

  6. Oh dear. No going back now. Rock Rose gin has become my ‘go to’ gin above all others and the subscription service, with the little extras that accompany it is not only great value but give ideas of how to enjoy the tipple even more! The refill packaging is a genius approach – the bottles themselves are gorgeous so it’s great to be able to top up via the refills and recycle.

    Julie Jones

  7. I absolutely love Rock Rose gin, and I think the recycled pouch idea is just brilliant. I remember first seeing the pouches in my local Sainsbury’s and loving the idea that I could save money compared with buying a bottle, and then sending the pouch back. My Sainsbury’s has stopped selling the pouches for some reason, so I always now order by mail order from you. Rock Rose is our favourite gin, which we tend to mix with Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic and garnish with pink grapefruit. My wife and I visited you in Dunnet Bay when we had a summer trip around the north coast of Scotland a few years ago, so we can imagine the beautiful place that you live when we drink your gin!

    David Elliott

  8. Rock Rose classic is an excellent gin. Ever since we had it offered to us whilst staying at a hotel in Skye, following which we subsequently visited the distillery on our Northern 500 tour, we haven’t looked back. We consider it to be one of the best for us despite trying many others from the Hebrides and Skye. The refill pouches, returnable via Freepost, are an excellent idea too. Thoroughly recommended all round.

    Philip Johnson

  9. The pouches are such a brilliant idea – so easy to recycle, and allowing surplus jars to be re-purposed as a stylish hand-wash dispenser (done) or a lamp (next project!). Thanks, Dunnet Bay, for helping us to make a small environmental difference. (Oh – and the gin is great too!!)

    Laurence Wareing

  10. This is my favourite vodka of all time, so delicious and so easy to serve in a million different ways. I can’t recommend it enough!

    John Murray

  11. Hello Janet, I am sorry that you have experienced difficulties with the delivery company, we dispatched your order the day after we received it. I can see they have sent ‘unable to deliver’ messages to you and that it is now due for delivery today – hopefully it does arrive but please do get in touch using our ‘contact us’ page if there are any further issues. Please accept our sincere apologies for the any inconvenience this has caused. Kindest regards, Claire.

    Claire Murray

  12. I have still not received my order- as the delivery company keeps sending me messages saying that for problems in the company, they are unable to deliver it . You need to use a different company. Very disappointed as I wanted it for last weekend

    Janet Fellowes

  13. Having received a bottle of Rock Rose gin as a Xmas present many years ago, I have been a fan ever since.
    The refill pouches are a brilliant idea, not just for the fact that the bottles are too pretty to throw away, but recycling them is so easy. Well done Dunnet Distillery!!

    Marilyn Lloyd

  14. We love the sustainability that Dunnet Bay have brought to the table and only get refills now.
    We love the Gin as well so that always the bottles are always a talking point when we get them out for guests.

    If you are passing this page and want to try a new Gin then this is the one…we also highly recommend the citrus coastal edition..


  15. Having found this lovely little distillery during our NC500 adventure and being big supporter of smaller distilleries i couldn’t wait to try out this Gin. I can say I wasn’t disappointed, having bought the standard Gin and an orange one. I’m not a fan of flavoured Gins but the orange was subtle and when drunk with a high end tonic was marvellous.
    I’ve just received my refill pouch for the standard Gin and may even be adventurous and try some other flavour refill pouches in the now very empty Orange Gin ceramic bottle!

    Martin coles

  16. Love Rock Rose and love the recyclable pouches to refill the gorgeous bottles. I have 2 bottles so have one with original RR and the other one is for trying the other members of the RR family. Last time we had the Citrus edition (delicious) and now trying the Summer edition – just need some summer sun to complete the picture of sipping a delightful glassful in the garden!


  17. Fast efficient service, very nice gin a great drink for a holiday weekend.


  18. Whizzy efficiency! Didn’t have to wait long to receive my refill pouches (why only one?) of RR. Thank you!


  19. I recently received a delivery from Dunnet Bay Distillers, and I must say, it was an excellent experience from start to finish. From the moment I placed my order, I received regular updates on its progress, which was reassuring. Your team clearly takes great care to ensure that your products are delivered safely and in good condition, which was evident from the careful packaging of my Rock Rose refill pouches.
    What impressed me the most was the follow-up I received after my delivery arrived. You took the time to check in with me to ensure I was happy with my purchase, which really made me feel valued as a customer.
    Overall, I would highly recommend Dunnet Bay Distillers to anyone looking for a reliable and high-quality distillery. The level of care and attention put into your deliveries is truly exceptional, and it’s clear you take pride in providing excellent service to your customers. Thank you, Dunnet Bay Distillers, for a fantastic experience!

    Chi-chi Nwanoku

  20. Very good service, as always, quick dispatch and fabulous tasting Gin. Thank you for being a firm that offers the responsibly packaged Gin and at an advantageous price!


  21. Great service arrived within two days of ordering. I have bought this as a gift for a friend in the USA on the recommendation of a lover of Rock Rose Gin. I am sure it will be enjoyed in the USA also.

    Erna Wilkie

  22. Bought Rock Rose Gin refill as a gift for my wife.
    Excellent idea and a very quick and efficient service.

    Phil Hawson

  23. Ae that’s fab! Just to note though the distillery will be closed from Friday 23rd Dec to Mon 9th Jan ’23.

    Claire Murray

  24. My French son-in-law is a gin lover and Rock Rose is at the top of his list for most wanted gins this Christmas.

    He has quite a few of the beautiful bottles so I bought a refill pouch for his stocking. The refill/free recycle return is a fantastic idea and he wishes he could stick the empty pouches in a french post box. Obviously he can’t – so he will bring them back to me and I will stick them in my local postbox here in Largs. Magical stuff from a magical company.

    He would like to visit the distillery while he is over at Christmas and they will not get a more enthusiastic taster if he makes it.


  25. Three easy reasons Rock Rose is my favourite: 1. recyclable refill pouches help our environment 2. Delicious flavour of the gin itself! 3. Delicious flavour of the gin itself – again!
    Everyone else in my family loves it too, so I have to keep ordering more refills for them…

    Ann Cormack

  26. Our second refill order of Rock Rose gin, which has a distinct enjoyable flavour. Great idea to have recyclable packets.

    Ron Stead

  27. What a great idea the refill pouches are, so simple just to put the empty pouch in the post. The gin is outstanding and had me hooked after my visit to the distillery back in May, all my friends love it too so I am sure that more refills will be needed

    stuart noble

  28. Such a clever idea, these refill pouches. I didn’t know they existed till I went to the website to find out how to dispose of my 2 empty bottles of Rock Rose! As they are such nice bottles I was loath to part with them.
    Now I don’t have to, just simply order refill pouches for one of my favourite gins then pop the pouch in the post, brilliant!!!

    Marilyn Lloyd

  29. Speedy replenishment of Rock Rose Gin in your reusable refill container. Always an excellent gin – our favourite by a long way!

    Stewart Harrison

  30. Hello Mike, we have already responded twice to your emails – have you received these? I am afraid we have no record of your telephone call, but we have responded to your email on both occasions. Kindest regards, Claire

    Claire Murray

  31. The gin is fine but I had a problem with a bottle I donated to a very worthy chap. Despite several phone calls and a couple of emails over several weeks, I have not been able to illicit a response from Dunnet Bay. How ever good your product and quality control is there is always a risk of something going wrong. If you can’t get a response when something does go wrong there is little option but to leave a bad review.

    If I had been able to contact them and my issue been dealt with sympathetically, by that I don’t necessarily mean replaced the bottle in question they may well have received 5 stars.

    The problem was that although the seal was intact the bottle was empty. They are stone bottles and quite heavy, even when empty so the issue was not obvious until the bottle was opened.

    Regards Mike

    Mike Wilkinson

  32. Ran out! Disaster! Refill arrived so speedily I didn’t need to resort to an alternative.

    The best,my absolute favourite, no other brand even comes close. Love the simple recyclable refill idea.

    Mrs Julie Ransley

  33. I LOVE the refill pouches! They are so convenient and planet-friendly! I live in France and it’s nice not having to bring heavy bottles back from the UK. I save my empty refill packs and pop them in the post when I visit England!

    Sharona Tsubota

  34. First time using the refill option what a brilliant simple idea. The gin is the best I have tasted

    Stuart Noble

  35. Really love Rock Rose gin and such a great idea to get refill pouches, feels good to know you aren’t wasting such lovely bottles. Also brilliant idea to recycle empty pouches, and so simple to return in post.

    Jennifer Dawson

  36. A genius concept to refill your beautiful gin bottle when you run low. The free postage back to them is the cherry on top, just pop it in your nearest post box, no envelope required, and it gets recycled by them!

    Imogen Thompson

  37. I love this gin – I may wander off to try others but always come back to this one. My absolute favourite. The refill pouch is fabulous and easy to use – I hate to waste those beautiful bottles. I really like that you can recycle the pouch too. Very easy to do.

    Kathryn Marshall

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