Rock Rose Gin Sloe Gin

Tasting Notes


Fabulously fruity and spicy to nose.


Delightfully thick mouthfeel, with rich jam like notes adding a tartness. Notice the elderberries and blaeberries coming though.


Full bodied fruit flavours linger with a warming spice and sweetness.

Rock Rose Sloe Gin

Rock Rose Gin Sloe Gin

A rich and fruity sloe gin, with a smooth, warming finish.

Our beautiful Autumn Edition Gin, a warm spirit packed with locally grown botanicals, berries and spices, is used as the perfect base for our sloe gin. We collect local elderberries and blaeberries, and use the best sloeberries we can find to make the perfect liqueur. Sweetened with muscovado sugar, the result is a thick, dark sloe gin which is jammy and tart, yet smooth and rich.

29% Alc Vol. - 500ml


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A warming winter treat!

Rock Rose Gin Sloe Gin


  • Sloeberries

    Sloe berries are the fruit of the blackthorn bush, a spiney shrub found in hedgerows. They are in the same family as plums and cherries but are very sharp tasting and quite astringent. When they are distilled they add a complexity with a sweet yet tart taste with earthy undertones.

  • Bilberries

    Blaeberries (bilberries) are often found growing in amongst the heather, indeed they can be found on Dunnet hill! Although very similar in looks to a blueberry they are completely different. Eaten raw, the bilberry is quite acidic, but when distilled they provide a real depth of fruit flavour and contribute nicely to the rich jammy notes found in our sloe gin.

  • Elderberries

    As summer drifts into autumn, elderberries can be found ripening in bunches replacing the elderflowers of summer. They are tiny, purple-black berries with a shiny exterior. Elderberries are famed for their medicinal properties, recognised as being anti-viral and anti-inflammatory they are often used in herbal cold and flu remedies. Although quite bitter if tasted raw (not advised as can cause stomach upsets), when they are distilled they add a complexity with a sweet yet tart taste with earthy undertones.

Rock Rose Gin Sloe Gin

Perfect Serve

Rock Rose Sloe Gin - Perfect Serve
  • Try with a premium tonic and a wee blackberry and sprig of rosemary.

Rock Rose Gin Sloe Gin


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