Rock Rose Gin Soap Dispenser!

Upcycle your empty bottle to make a soap dispenser!

We have this gorgeous soap dispenser in our visitor centre bathroom.  It is so easy to make…

  1. Enjoy every last drop of Rock Rose Gin
  2. Whilst you are re-ordering your next bottle add a soap dispenser pump to your basket
  3. Cut the plastic tube to length
  4. Push the rubber tube over the plastic tube onto the soap dispenser to ensure a snug fit in the bottle neck
  5. Fill with soap – we used the lovely Highland Soap co
  6. Push the soap dispenser into the bottle neck
  7. Voila!

We also removed the wax from the neck of the bottle and replaced it with some twine, using doubled sided tape to secure it.  We also hung a wee sign around the neck to make sure visitors know that it is soap and not a handy gin dispenser!!