Rock Rose Gin Recycle Overview

Welcome to Rock Rose Gin Recycle!

At Dunnet Bay Distillers, creator of the multi -award winning Rock Rose Gin, the environment is really important to us – as such, we want to recycle and reuse as much as we can.

We are thrilled to launch Rock Rose Gin fully recyclable gin pouches, a super Recycle scheme that allow you to refill your Rock Rose Gin collectable ceramic empty bottles.

Rock Rose Gin Refill Pouch

Rock Rose Gin Refill Pouch

Rock Rose Gin

Rock Rose Gin – Bottle For Life

We are proud to be the first gin available in fully recyclable pouches that can be returned to the distillery, freepost via Royal Mail.

Once at the distillery, the pouches will be collected by Terracycle where they will be recycled into new items.

The green innovation, the first of its kind in the UK, has been developed by Rock Rose Gin in partnership with PA Consulting, the consultancy that’s bringing ingenuity to life and who are experts in innovation and technology. Following more than 12 months of research and development, PA created a lightweight refill solution for current bottles of Rock Rose Gin with closed loop returns system for the pouches to be recycled by Terracycle. A four layer laminate pouch has been selected to lock in all the freshness of the gin, with an easy-to-use plastic spout closure.

Delivered, as well as returned, through the letterbox, the sustainable packaging also significantly reduces the energy spent in shipping Rock Rose Gin to customers, with the pouches weighing just 65grams rather than the 700grams for a bottle.

Rock Rose Gin is renowned for its signature and collectable ceramic bottles, which are all hand signed and sealed at the distillery. With these new pouches, all our customers are now able to easily refill the bottles at home, saving you £4 per 700ml of gin. For recycling, you simply pop the freepost stamped pouches provided directly into the post box – no envelope required.

This new innovative recycling scheme is the first step of our sustainable development journey.

We hope to have a fully biodegradable refill by 2025 as part of our overall green strategy.

Key Features and Benefits

Go green and save the environment by joining us on our waste-reducing mission.

  • Bottle for life: refill your collectible ceramic Rock Rose Gin bottles with our fully recyclable gin pouches.
  • Save money: One time purchase (available now): Each refill is provided at a discounted rate of £30 for a 70 cl bottle – saving you £4.
  • Or Join our Recycle Member Club (coming soon) : Subscription based model (3 months, 6 months, 12 months) which will include additional cost saving and exclusive member benefits.
  • Free pre-paid postage: Gin Pouches have pre-paid postage and can be posted back to us for free directly into the post box – no envelope required!
  • Sustainable packaging: Each empty pouch you sent back to us will be collected by Terracycle where they will be recycled into new items.

How do I recycle my Rock Rose Gin empty bottle?

  1. Order your Rock Rose Gin refill online at £30.00 for a 70 cl bottle, saving you £4 per 70cl of gin so we can dispatch your pouches for refill.

  2. Upon receipt, Refill your Rock Rock Gin Bottle at home with the 700 ml Rock Rose Gin pouches provided.

  3. For recycling, simply pop the freepost stamped pouches directly into the post box – no envelope required.

  4. Once your pouches has been returned to us, it will be fully recycled by Terracycle into new items

What do Terracyle do with the pouches?

Below are an example of the kind of products Terracycle make with with the recycled refill pouches.

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Become a Rock Rose Gin Recycler today!

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260 in stock.

We also promote upcycling your bottle!

Turn it into a soap dispenser for your bathroom!

So easy, all you have to do is cut the tube to length, fill your empty bottle with soap, pop in the dispenser head and voila!  Check out our blog post outlining how to upcycle your rock rose gin bottle into a soap dispenser.