Cold Brew Coffee Holy Grass Vodka

Blended together in joyous harmony, hints of smoke, caramel and cocoa merge to create a velvety smooth drink.

Working with our favourite coffee roasters, Ovenbird Coffee, we have created a velvety, smooth coffee edition.

It features ethically sourced coffee from farms across the globe roasted by a flock of Ovenbirds in Glasgow. Holy Grass Vodka is distilled in ‘Elizabeth’, our traditional vapour infusion still, and it is then perfectly blended with the Ovenbird coffee beans.

The lovely dark chocolate and vanilla notes of the beans are infused into the spirit.

41.5% Alc Vol. - 700ml


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Holy Grass Vodka Coffee Edition

Holy Grass Vodka


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Cold Brew Coffee Holy Grass Vodka

Tasting Notes


On the nose expect dark chocolate mocha and smokey coffee.


Notes of dark chocolate and vanilla merge with hints of smoke and cocoa.


A delicious vanilla sweetness.

Makes a fabulous espresso martini!

Cold Brew Coffee Holy Grass Vodka


  • Holy Grass

    The hero botanical in our Holy Grass Vodka! It was discovered growing on the banks of nearby Thurso River by Robert Dick, a legendary botanist. It has a wonderful aroma and was once used on church floors to give a sweet, vanilla smell when walked over, thereby earning itself it’s religious moniker. Also known as Anthoxanthum nitens

  • Highland Apples

    We use Highland apple juice from Black Isle Berries near Inverness. The freshness of the apple complements the sweeter, vanilla notes of Holy Grass.

  • ‘Old Brown Java’ coffee beans

    The unique ageing process was discovered in the 16th century, when the Dutch introduced coffee seeds to the island of Java. As spice ships carried their cargo back to Europe, the raw beans would be stored away in the hold to act as ballast. After several months at sea, the beans were tempered by the wood and the brine to produce an exceptionally robust, gutsy flavour. Perfect for providing the dark chocolate and smokey, sweet vanilla notes to our Holy Grass Vodka – cold brew coffee edition!

Cold Brew Coffee Holy Grass Vodka

Perfect Serve

Holy Grass Coffee Edition Vodka - Perfect Serve
  • Our Holy Grass Vodka - Cold Brew Coffee Edition is amazing as an espresso martini!
  • Simply shake 50ml vodka, 25ml sugar syrup with 35ml freshly made espresso and ice.
  • Strain into a glass and garnish with coffee beans.

Cold Brew Coffee Holy Grass Vodka


  1. Charlotte

    A friend of mine got me this for my birthday and oh my goodness it is heaven. I haven’t tried making it into a martini yet, but a shot of this with some ice is just beautiful. With the bottle now finished, I’ve installed the pump and it looks perfect, plus I can go to my local zero-waste shop and fill up with hand-wash over and over again!

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